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Community Question: what's the weirdest motor swap you've ever seen?

This week's Community Question is about questionable engineering you've seen when someone performs an engine swap on a vehicle. I once saw a Lotus-engineered Corvette LT-5 in a 1969 Camaro, but it was surprisingly well done. And I've seen LS-swapped vehicles of all shapes, sizes, and budgets...and they all seem to be as good as their budgets allow them to be. 😁

Then I came across this video from the 24 Hours of Lemons, where they profile a race team that put a Ford 2.3L Pinto motor into a Mercedes C-class. That might be one of the weirdest swaps I've ever seen!


So the question remains, what's the weirdest motor swap you've ever seen? 


I don’t know, but I suspect one was cold and angry the next morning.  


Oof - clever!


By Chain.


Thanks - so either all three started at once or one was the designated "start" engine and the others must've had clutches in place. Drop dead cool either way!

Pit Crew

455 Pontiac into an early diesel Suburban.

GREAT improvement..........

Hagerty Fan
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My 'weirdest' swaps I have seen all involve Cummins 6BT engines into Ford trucks that have also been Crown Victoria-front-clip swapped (2003-2011, more on this swap if anyone is interested), which is not a really brilliant idea, in that I've seen weights of around 1200-1300 pounds for 6BT engines...and the original Crown Vic engine weighs maybe 540.

The people who do this often counter skepticism with "but I did it anyway!" and "my truck only weighs as much as a Crown Victoria!" as if that somehow negates the laws of physics, noting that yes, your completed, stripped down truck might now weight around that of a loaded Crown Victoria, the issue is that you've just placed over double the original engine's weight directly over the nose of the truck, instead of spreading it out over the rest of the chassis.


I have a couple. First, one of my auto tech class students put a 4 cyl Cummins in a 2005 Chrysler 300. Incredibly clean installation, complete with Cummins decals on the fenders. Next, my best friend bought an Isetta, powered by a Honda 750 V4 motorcycle engine. Talk about dangerous! Stock 10" (maybe 12) tires, stock 7" front drum brakes made it exciting to drive! More exciting to stop! Me, I've had two V8 Corvairs, first with a mid-engine SBC350. Had that car 17 years, still kicking myself for selling it. The other had an Olds Toronado 455 in the back. It was OK, more torque than power. Also a Corvair engine in my 67 VW bus, and a Turbo, fuel injected Corvair in my Type 34 Karmann-Ghia. The Ghia was FAST!


At a car show last Friday I saw an early model Corvair rag top with a extremely well done Front V8 installation. Unfortunately the owner was not around because I really wanted to jokingly comment to them "now here's something you don't see very often - a convertible Corvair", and I was curious about the install.


This is not a weird swap but I just got back from cars and coffee.  There was a beautifully built Triumph TR 250 with an LS2. and C5 suspension. Car was so beautifully built and even had vintage air. The exterior looked stock. I thought of this post when looking at it and wanted to share, wish I could of attached pictures. 

Hagerty Fan
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Being stupid young listen to no one scammed a perfectly good 63 F 100 the unibody one piece cab and box it came off a fruit farm no winter miles paint was baked for a song under the hood 6 bananas a trip to the local junk yard yielded a chev small block and a powerglide hacking gob welding and bashing metal out of the way whalla v8 F100 a real abomination ran well did one wheel peel burnouts beat the poor old truck to death running back gravel roads more than a few off road jaunts sold it for peanuts no rust to speak of loads of dents had no idea that it would become a high value sought after truck down the road lol.Cheers