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Community Question: what's the fastest you got a car part in the mail?

I think the question is pretty self explanatory, and here's mine:  I got this NOS Ford headlight switch in the mail this Monday morning, and I ordered it last Friday morning. Both the vendor (Green Sales Company, whom I LOVE) and the shipper (UPS) deserve credit for moving so quickly, especially before the holidays! 


Sadly this didn't fix the main problem I was having (but it does operate way smoother) so I'm officially giving up and letting my trusty local mechanic work on it tomorrow. 😞 


I hold the record for getting a part at my company that we did not even have on our system. 

I work for a larger web parts supplier. I started out in customer service and learned the ropes of getting parts added and ordered for customer in my time working with the public. You also get to know all the right people that can pull strings if needed. 

In this case I needed a battery for my HHR SS. I needed a vented battery that would fit in the back in the tire well behind the bumper. I also wanted my work discount. The problem no such battery was in stock let alone on the computer to order. 

So I started out 7:00 AM sending E mails to my connections in Purchasing to add the part to the computer to be ordered. 

Next around 9:00 AM I got an order on the system. 9:15 I caller Purchasing to get a PO in on the Battery so it was ordered at the supplier. 

I checked in the afternoon and saw it was delivered by 2:00 PM. It was a local supplier hence the fast delivery. 

I then made a call to our warehouse to put my part into a location so I could go to our retail store at 4:00 PM to pick it up and go home to install it. 

That had never been done before as most times Next Day from a supplier is as fast as it can be done and even then not all suppliers ship daily. 

I needed my car to get to work and with the help of my co workers we had a fast turn around. 

Sometimes with back orders all you can do is wait. Right now with the virus many companies are closed or behind on stock and it has been challenging to get things out now in some cases. 

But next day service is common for many customers some really need the parts others just want. With some that is not fast enough. I have seen some drive hours to our retail store just for a part they want today. One guy rode 8 hours each from Canada on a motorcycle. 

Some folks will do what ever it takes. 

Community Manager

Oh wow, that battery story is impressive. Makes me wish I had more insight into how I got my headlight switch so quickly...the vendor clearly has a strong connection to their local UPS distribution center. 


Was this for your Lincoln?

Community Manager

Yup, it sure was! 


I recently disassembled and cleaned the wiper/washer switch on the Town Landau because the only thing available was an NOS part (the same intermittent control as the Lincoln) to the tune of $300.



Oh, yeah. The fastest turnaround was 1 1/2 days on a three day estimate.

Advanced Driver

Hey Sajeev, Does Green Sales have other FoMoCO parts? The head light switch is sweet.

Community Manager

@jonZ they sure do! They basically buy up all of Ford dealer's old stock, I wouldn't be surprised if they have what you need. 

Advanced Driver

I'll be getting with them soon. As a side bar.....I am in the market for a Ranchero. Yall can prolly tell by now I love the falcons but would be interested in the fairlane platform also. Nothing later than the 66's. If yall know of anything let me know. I was in contact with one of yall's co workers (his dad was thinking about selling one). I can't remember who it was. Since the last storm down here I lost all electronics and had no back-up.