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Community Question: what retro re-introduction after the Bronco?

We've had a LOT of Bronco coverage these past few weeks, which got me thinking: What is the next retro automotive icon that should come back into production?   


Let's make it harder by NOT allowing dead brands: You CANNOT buy something from a nonexistent dealer network! 

  • Right answer: Acura Integra
  • Wrong answer: Pontiac Fiero
  • Right answer: Ford Aerostar (come on, MAKE IT HAPPEN!) 
  • Wrong answer: Mercury Capri
  • Right answer: Jaguar XKE
  • Wrong answer: Jensen Interceptor
  • Right answer:  Cadillac Fleetwood
  • Wrong answer: Oldsmobile 98 Regency


New Driver

El Camino


I would love to see one day the return of the Plymouth Duster. My father had one when I was a kid and love that car. The future is endless!!!


None of the above. The Retro thing has played out and it is time for new and modern new classics to be created. 

Not doing new models with new names is lower risk but lazy. Automakers are facing a much different future so they are going to find they will have to step out and be bold again. 

While I am not a big EV fan I applaud Cadillac for taking a big swing at the future. They are creating a new future and not trying to take some converted ICE models and trying to pass them off as great cars. They also are not trying to pass off old names as the new vehicles. 

Yes this is a risky move but I feel they will pull this off and create a new image for a very damaged name plate. 

Nearly every car on the list above is forgettable as are many suggested names. I am not a snob as I even own one of the named cars. It had its time but time has moved on. 

if we never had companies taking risks we would never have had steel bodies, auto transmissions, the 55 Chevy and small block, the Corvette, the Mustang etc. Not all were successful in risky moves but when they were they changed the industry. 

I hate Elon Musk but he proved people will pay more money for a better EV car vs the cheap odd looking science experiment looking cars that made no money. It Changed how GM and VW looked at the market and they soon will be a dominate factor with EV cars that will not make us change our live styles to live with. 

Sorry it is cold and wet here so I am in rant mode. Just got to let it out when you have cabin fever. Lol!


Excellent point and GM is taking a leap of chance to continue to move forward to invent new concepts for the future of GM. You have to take a leap of faith or take risk in this case to move forward or otherwise, they'll be stuck in the stone age. 


Yes it is a risk but we know where this is going so it is calculated. Timing of the leadership of this change is key. 

GM and VW know where global regulations are going so EV is coming no matter what. The key is to time it to where it meets the laws and get the technology to a acceptable level in range and cost by then. 

The rewards will be being seen by the public as a leader and potential to sell technology to others and also lower cost of building vehicles that are EV vs the never ending cost that keep going up on ICE. 

I don’t see people embracing EV  because they want to save trees but more about saving money on buying new cars that can be priced lower as return on investment arrives. 


I agree with you that automakers need to push forward. That being said, I will NEVER own an electric car. Environmentally (look at the mining figures for the requirements if EVERYONE had an electric car), it's just trading off one set of environmental hazards (even though Europe looks at our emissions standards as ridiculous) for another. The same way every car that passes an emissions test here in Metro Atlanta just gives a smokestack credit to mass transit with the biggest fleet of poorly maintained diesel busses that spew out black clouds a plenty, and of course, Hartsfield-Jackson. 


As long those kinds of double standards exist, I refuse to buy into it.


Amen Guitar,living in a reasonably remote area I have a large backup "Genny" as our grid seems to have more than its fair share of gremlins I cant imagine the electric grid with millions of EV vehicles plugged in admitted Iam old school but do embrace advancements but is this cart before the horse do we have the grid capacity going forward if this EV deal really gains ground jus sayin.R

Pit Crew

How about the sport trucks of the mid-90's?  GM's big engine 454, Ford's Lightning and even the Syclone all with sport suspension and incredible performance with boxes that allow you to carry a lot more than your sports car?Chevy 454SSChevy 454SSGMC SycloneGMC SycloneHolden Ute Thunder editionHolden Ute Thunder editionFirst Gen Lightning by FordFirst Gen Lightning by Ford 





I would like to see a retro version of this. My friend's mom had one when I was in Junior High (his dad worked at the Eagle Wing plant in Rantoul IL so I am sure that had a little to do with it). As a matter of fact, it was identical to this one. Great looking fun little car.


A proper Blazer.


Something along these lines.