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Community Manager

Community Question: what retro re-introduction after the Bronco?

We've had a LOT of Bronco coverage these past few weeks, which got me thinking: What is the next retro automotive icon that should come back into production?   


Let's make it harder by NOT allowing dead brands: You CANNOT buy something from a nonexistent dealer network! 

  • Right answer: Acura Integra
  • Wrong answer: Pontiac Fiero
  • Right answer: Ford Aerostar (come on, MAKE IT HAPPEN!) 
  • Wrong answer: Mercury Capri
  • Right answer: Jaguar XKE
  • Wrong answer: Jensen Interceptor
  • Right answer:  Cadillac Fleetwood
  • Wrong answer: Oldsmobile 98 Regency


New Driver

I agree. The Cuda had some of the best styling ever. 

New Driver

How about a 356. Keep it light  , miminimal electronics, the turbo four from the Cayman . 250 hp , great suspension . Under $50 grand . It would kill it . I am ready with a deposit

New Driver

Subaru BRAT, complete with the rumble seats in the back. And no, the Baja doesn't count. 

Intermediate Driver

You can’t go to a Mercury dealer today and buy one. Putting it in Wrong answer: category. I do like the idea. So have Ford call it the Thunderbird again….oh wait, the Thunderbird again would have then be called the Phoenix. Oh wait that also would be in the Wrong answer: category too. So does that mean @tamuscott had it right with the Chevy Citation X11?

Intermediate Driver

Bugeye Sprite.

Pit Crew

I would like to see the return of the 70-71 Monte Carlo SS. Make it a true 2 door hardtop with the a powerful LS engine.
Community Manager

Well if that's the case, the 2002 Thunderbird shoulda been called the Phoenix. 😉

Pit Crew

The HEMI 'Cuda was my 1st choice but as stated Plymouth is defunked. Another was a Pontiac GTO or the Solstice GXP but as Plythouth, Pontiac is long gone 😞



Pit Crew

TOYOTA - MR 2 Turbo


Pit Crew

Triumph TR6, which technically is not dead as the rights are owned by BMW, if we could convince them to get rid of the crappy Mini Cooper. tr6 (2).jpg