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Community Manager

COMMUNITY QUESTION: What modern automotive technology do you truly love?

  • Connected cars that talk to the cloud. 
  • Electronic steering and braking systems. 
  • Active handling. 
  • TV screens that control everything. 
  • Direct Injection + Turbocharged engines. 

Be it concerns about their durability, cost, or their ability to take control away from the driver, modern (or newfangled?) technology often makes folks dislike newer cars over their older counterparts. Which is fair, especially when it comes to fixing some of these items over time or after a collision! 

Photo: ApplePhoto: Apple

So I ask you, what modern automotive technology do you truly love? I personally love smartphone interfaces, active handling in snow/ice, and radar cruise control (because I hate traffic). Tell us what you think! 


New Driver

My BMW motorcycle informs me about the air pressure in the tires. I can check it on the instrument screen any time and I get a waring if they get low on air pressure. I don't know how it does that, but is it the best safely feature I can think of.

Pit Crew

One thing for certain, is that we should all be happy for all the technology that has allowed the ICE powered car and truck to continue to coexist with us despite the greatly increasing numbers of them populating the world. Even though I enjoy the old car technology like carburetors, disc brakes, power windows, etc., I really must give kudos to modern tech that most of us generally take for granted, or even sometimes despise. For those of us who really enjoy autos and those who consider them just appliances should celebrate modern technology such as AGM and lithium batteries, direct injection, catalytic converters, LED lighting for everything, electric power steering, throttle by wire, CANBUS and other busses, OBD2, super high speed tires, run flat tires, LCD touch screens, capacitive touch buttons, sealed fuel systems with vapor capture, PCV systems, and many, many more technical innovations over the years. I feel that if we didn't have these unseen technologies in place, we all would be in a much worse situation and possibly not being able to enjoy cars for what they are, other than basic transportation appliances.

What do y'all think?

Advanced Driver

TPS (tire pressure sensor)  is awesome as I for one forget to check them!

Pit Crew

i guess i am an old fart because i do not really do not care for any of it i would not mind if my 1500 Silverado had adist and carb like my 66 gto i had the motor out of the gto and all the young guys at the shop where telling me i should put an ls and new type tranny in it and it need to have 4 wheel disc brakes well none of that was happing

New Driver

I have not viewed all of the available commercial options.  But what I do like is the information displayed by my Garmin 7-inch GPS display.  It provides my speed, posted speed and map location (and directions if selected).  I have it mounted on the glare shield directly in front of me and it sits just below my natural driving line of sight.  Using that, I do not have to look down, away from the actual road and traffic view, to view the information.   It functions as a sort of 'heads up display.'  With that, I rarely look at the 'instruments' provided by the vehicle manufacturer.  I consider that location far safer than traditional instrument displays.


Intermediate Driver

There is a lot to dislike, depending on a touch screen for things that should have a detacated switch and trying to ditch the telamarketers that came with the satellite radio that I didn't want in the first place. 

The key fob that that works transparently is nice.

I really like the performance monitors that also work transparently.


Apple Car Play (or the competition I guess). Way better NAV and text integration than the factory options. Less distracting too.

Pit Crew

Tire pressure monitoring, is helpful when going cross country. Modern performance tires spoil me. Ceramic brakes, if only all cars could have them.  Phone and rdio, and car-function readout controls on the steering wheel keep my eyes off the center stack, and on the road. Love my PDK, though still love my 3 pedals. Got spoiled by keyless entry/push button start. I know it's old tech by now, but have been spared bent fenders a few times, thanks to ABS, and handling nannies, though I resent the latter.

Pit Crew

Without a doubt - Heads Up Display!  Don't have to look away from road to see speed etc.  Next is Cruise Control.  Set it and cruise.


This isn't as modern as most said here:


4x4 that you can switch modes from inside the vehicle.



Pit Crew

elimination of the gas fill is the best new innovation as in my EV