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Community Question: What is the best car with a fiberglass body?

Once reserved for the marine world, fiberglass found its way over to automotive production in the mid-1950s. It is a material that allows much easier production for complex shapes compared to sheet metal, especially in a low-volume production scenario. 



 This Meyers Manx is surely plastic fantastic. (photo Kyle Smith/Hagerty)


Major automakers and kit-car builders embraced the technology, and from the molds came some iconic vehicles. We are curious as to your opinion though, so tell us below which fiberglass car you think is best. 


Ed Roth's fibreglass work is next level art (and like art isn't for all tastes in some cases).


I think the original Avanti design is a standout of an actual production fibreglass car, with extra credit for being a bold thing for Studebaker to do.


I expect Corvette will rule the responses  --will the over/under be 90% Vette?

Pit Crew

I am glad to see the corvette guys are apparently to insular of a group to talk to the rest of us...


@Pepperalls has got it, no further discussion required.

Community Manager

The only correct answer is Zimmer Quicksilver. 

Hagerty Employee

I’ll throw a few in here-


How about one of the first 808 Berlinetta Ferrari 308’s?

Or, take your pick of Lotus cars...

You also open up to replicas, like a Beck Spyder, Daytona Coupe or GT40...