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Community Question: What car would you like to see return?

Manufacturers end models for various reasons, some make sense and some don't. No matter the reason, over the years plenty of cars have been axed and never returned. Tell us what car you would like to see brought back for a second (or third, or fourth) generation. 




New Driver

I would love to see GM bring back the El Camino, rear wheel drive please!

Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Special Edition  ---with all the firechicken colour combos


A GM sedan sized like the 80s metric chassis with some boxy lines and a rear roofline with headroom (think 80s Regal). This would roll out as the following:


-Chevy Malibu

-Chevy Cutlass (sportier package, ad campaign would be "your father's Cutlass", "Your mother's Cutlass" , etc. and play off the Oldsmobile heritage  --slight styling cues to the 70s Cutlass in grill and such.

-Buick Regal in all its posh glory


Monetize the platform, hopefully get a 2 door version later with Chevelle, 442 and Grand National variants...

Hagerty Employee

Would love Chevrolet redesign the Blazer as an actual truck.


Would love to see any manufacturer in the US sell mini trucks again that were actually mini and were actually trucks. I just bought a year old Nissan Frontier 4x4 that is considered to be a "mid-size" truck nowadays. It is small in comparison to 90% of the trucks I see on the road, but it's huge compared to the Datsun 620 and Mazda B2000 which I owned in years past. They were great little trucks that did a multitude of jobs and didn't require a CDL to drive.....

Hagerty Employee

Too many to list, but some faves include the Mazda RX-7, Chevy SS with a stick, and teh Honda CRX. 


I also would like to see the El-Camino and the Ford Ranchero return. Much like the earlier models on the small to mid size platform. These vehicles were truly multi-purpose and if set up right could haul heavy loads and haul a--.! Looking at the availability of future Pick-up truck models, it looks like we will loose a Regular Cab, Short Bed option in the near future. Too bad. Looking at the trend for old truck restoration, I don't see much interest in restoring the current designs.

Hagerty Fan
Not applicable

Another vote for Mazda’s RX7, but only if it stays with the the two-passenger, light weight, long hood, short over-hang, and FI rotary formula. No more trying to appeal to everyone and pleasing no the RX8.