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Community Question: What car do you think is rare for a reason?

Time is not kind to many of the things car enthusiasts love. Oxidation never sleeps, and combines with a multitude of other factors to slowly strip cars from the care of loving owners. However, there is also some cars that might be rare for a reason. 


Be it that the styling was a bit polarizing, or maybe the drivetrain had the reliability of broken clock and the repairability of Humpty Dumpty. Even the most passionate and dedicated owners have a breaking point where they send a car down the road for the next person to "enjoy." 


So tell us below what car you might think is rare for a reason. 


Ignoring the rare 1 of 1, 1 of 17 type things...

What is rare is the original plain-jane car. Especially in 4 door form.

-used up, rusted out, parted out, turned into clones and/or restomods.

For example, there are more first gen RS/SS Camaros out there today than were ever built... but you never seen a bench seat column shift one with green interior and gold paint at a car show.
Community Manager

That's a really good point:  the moment upgraded trim parts are reproduced, every restoration is gonna get it.  I am speaking from experience, as I recommended a buddy put a Pony interior in his 1966 Mustang when it needed new seats. 

Advanced Driver

I remember years ago I was with a buddy of mine and we went to look at a two door late 60's early 70's Nova with a 2 speed turbo glide and a 4 cylinder. I had never seen one before that and I never saw another one after that. I only knew this option package existed because I remember reading about it in some Nova book otherwise I wouldn't have believed it was real. The owner wanted $200 for it back in the late 80's early 90's and actually told us what it would take to shoehorn a 350 and TH 350 into it. We passed but every now and then I kind of wished we had bought that car and just cleaned it up. Not a huge dollar car, but an interesting curiosity.
Pit Crew

Yes! It’s why i love a 63 base model, 4 door Falcon with no options other than a factory 260 v8 🙂

(or at least that’s what i tell myself because it was cheaper than a mustang that ill never be able to afford) 😞

Community Manager

It's good to be different sometimes, and the Falcon certainly fits the bill! 

Pit Crew

Well here's my 2 cents worth.. my rare car would have to be a truck. A truck I have and has been a dream of mine for quite some time; 1983 Jeep Honcho Stepside pickup. I love other stepside trucks, they are all beautiful to me but the Honcho stepper (1980-1983) just screams I'm an American bada**! And then.. there was the number made of them; best information I can find (and yet another reason the truck is so alluring ) indicates 300 were made in '83. For a brand name, factory made vehicle that has to put it in Holy Grail territory. There were 1263 total made, all years and even that number has a story to it.. Someone told me that by the early 80's jeep was down to 1263 dealers n the USA. Does ANYONE know more about these numbers?! I would love to talk to someone that might have information on this. So that is the reason or what I think the reason is my truck has such low build numbers.Beautiful stepside.jpg

Community Manager

Wow, I had no idea the Honcho Stepside was that rare.  It is definitely rare, I haven't seen one in decades! 


I hope I'm not too late to reply but my choice is also the Ford Falcon. Musta been a gazillion of them built, but not too many of them left now except in the junk yards and they are getting scarce also. I own two of them...64 Futura Hardtop and a 63 Futura Convertible. Parts are still available thanks to the popularity of the early Mustangs, but that's another topic. As far as the rarity; think about it. Of all the Falcons produced, how many do you see at the car shows? When I present mine I always talk to someone who remembers them. Rare? Maybe. Reason....look around. Thanks again yall and keep up the good work.