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Community Question: That feeling when they ship you the wrong part?

I've gotten the wrong part before in the past, but nothing like this big ticket item. 


So I was ordering NOS front and rear glass for my Project Valentino, and it turns out they mixed up the order and delivered me the wrong pallet of glass. But neither my body shop nor the vendor contacted me. 


Actually that's not true, the vendor called me multiple times but never left a voicemail. I finally decided it was worth answering a possibly spam call, and they informed me of the situation. The vendor was unable to understand my request to work with my body shop, as THEY have the glass and NOT me. Making them understand how a car is restored was quite frustrating. Getting them to learn how to use Google (i.e. I was driving at the time) to get the body shop's phone number was downright infuriating. 😂


Weeks later, they squared it all away and I was able to lay the new windshield in (not bonded yet) and add these multiple invoices to the binder of receipts this project has given me.  Oh, so much fun! 1.jpg


Well as someone who has worked the other side of this as well as being the customer I have a good take on these issues. 

Companies will make mistakes. Shipping thousands of part a week there will be issues. It is on them to make it right with reasonable conditions. Good companies do this. 

Now how well a company responds often can be a matter of how well the customer works with them in the deal. In many cases we can only help as much as you let us or cooperate. 

Also don’t scream, yell or act like a jerk to get our attention unless you have to. Most companies will take care of you with out the drama. I have had screamers I tried to let them know I would take care of them but they had to let it out. So I let them vent and write up the paperwork during the tirade. Then I just told them it will fully be taken care of and often it is met with silence as they were not expecting this. 

Also if you cooperate often it can get you faster shipping with out asking or other perks. I often will reward people for being part of the solution vs being part of the problem. 

Knowing what I know too if I have a problem I know to be polite but persistent. Generally if you don’t give up most companies will give to a reasonable demand. 

Also if you make a mistake be honest. We often can tell how. You ordered when you ordered and can find the e mail or call of when you ordered. Honesty goes a long way as we know mistakes happen. 

Some companies are better than others just like customers. Both generally are good people for the most part. It is just frustration that leads to issues. Try to restrain the frustration and things generally go better for everyone. 

Sajeev no reflection on your actions here. I do agree they should have left a message. 

I know we work with many shops for returns and never speak to the customer. It is often the shop that finds the wrong part and calls us.  But any help like giving us a number or other info of a shop is a great help and is appreciated. 

Finally keep in mind too. The person on the other end did not make the mistake. They are there to try to fix the problem and help you. Often they are under paid and over worked. Most customer service people are. They have been screamed at for six 10 hour days a week. They are human and a cooperative customer is someone they appreciate and often will make a extra effort for. 



All great advice hyperv6!  It's the old "catch more flies with honey than vinegar" saying, and also the Golden Rule, plus a little bit of "walk a mile in someone else's shoes", topped with a "he who is without sin, cast the first stone".  A little civility and helpfulness nearly always goes a long way in solving such an issue.  Yes, there is a very slim percentage of goofs that just need to be read the riot act, but mostly, if we just remember that we're all human and mistakes will happen, we can work through most anything.  Glad you got your glass shipment figured out, Sajeev! 👍


This should be common knowledge but somehow isn't. Of the handful of times I've had issues it's been handled quickly and politely, usually with an apology. I always start the conversation with "I hope you can help me with....." and my order number.


P.S.: What is up with people (other than scammers - we know why they don't) not leaving a voicemail. Occasionally I get calls from someone saying something like "I called you four times yesterday" "Oh that was you? That's odd. I didn't get four messages".

New Driver

Not the wrong part...just the missing part.  I have to do a complete brake overhaul with 15 different parts.  All are needed and of course one wasn't shipped.  No clue if it was an over sight, or back ordered or just plain "lost in space"....I'm stalled without my truck until this gets corrected.  Should have been back on the road by now.

New Driver

I am what I consider an above average experienced online shopper. Last year back when Covid was just starting to hit the USA pretty hard, I ordered a idler arm for a 73 Mustang. I ordered it from a place that I trusted that, lets just say they are big and there name starts with an "S". Never having issues before with this vendor, after I ordered the part arrived and was wrong. I went back an traced what I did and there was no indication that I was ordering the "WRONG" one from the vendor, even though I had my vehicle info plugged in...So, of course with the world around us going crazy because of Covid, I thought, now what? I called customer service and called and called some answer...then gave up and was completely focused on getting the right part - obviously from some where else. I got one ordered and it took 8-months to get it due to Covid. Finally several months later, I called and reached the big "S". They told me they weren't taking returns and besides, mine was out of the date range for a return. What a smack in the face. After trying to call them for months to get a replacement. I decided to sell the "wrong" one I had on the web, and a local guy bought it. I got back what I paid for it so, needless to say all is well and I am still weary of buying anything from that vendor because of may last experience. 

Advanced Driver

I ordered a rechromed front bumper for a '70 Charger and specifically indicated that it must have the attachment points for the  front bumper guards. Of course, the wrong one was sent. Contacted the company, and using the polite/honey approach, not only did they acknowledge the mistake, they arranged for the return at no cost to me, and sent the right part! I've also had an experience with an online seller who sent the wrong part, and even though all of my order info was correct, demanded that I take pictures of the part and email them back before they would correct their screw up! Needless to say, I never utilized them again.  🙂

New Driver

911SC restoration; my 5 year story on Faulty Parts


I needed parts from 12 vendors, and most orders were correct. I ordered a drivers window, with the metal base track. It showed up with major rust and could not be used, the supplier responded quickly with a new part in good condition. I was stuck with substantial additional shipping fees! Wiring harness for power mirrors are a discontinued item, and used parts turned out to be a dead end. For a 40 yr old car I was amazed how many new & used parts were avaiable. It requires significant time “on line” to sort out suppliers, prices and options; patience is important! 
Lastly parts costs and shipping are expensive!

Pit Crew

I just ordered cabin filters from Amazon, and they sent me the wrong filter.  I had ordered  MANN-FILTER CUK 2736-2 but got two 2733s instead. They fixed, but it took a few days to get the new ones plus I had to go to Kohls to return the wrong ones.

Pit Crew

Hahaha. I ordered 4 fuel line fittings for a fuel log I was building. The specs were for a 3/8" fuel line and thread size 1/2" SAE 20 thread count. These were listed as standard stock items. What I received was 4 fittings for a 3/8" fuel line but the thread size was 1/2" Metric 1.25 thread count. As far as I know, nothing in the world has a combination SAE size with a Metric thread count.  The supplier happily sent me the correct fittings. Too funny really. Have to wonder how many "standard stock items" found their way into the trash bin.


Nobody reads the Machinist Handbook anymore!!

Intermediate Driver



I even try to open it while the delivery guy is still there!


I do enjoy clicking on a part and having it show up within 12 hours but part of that sequence is having the correct part and arriving in good condition. 

Returns and refunds are generally a hassle and infuriating. 

Some do it right though, I cite Summit and ZORO. 

There are others though that have caused me lots of problems even with core refunds not being in the original boxes. (They advertise a lot on TV with a jingle and great prices, but have cost me hundreds of $$$ in returns!)


 BEWARE of these “policies”..,


   Okay, how about, "I ordered the right thing, they sent me the right thing, it worked, and yet I'm still not happy"?  It's about the time I bought a dash clock from eBay.  I bench-tested it, and it ran great for 3 days straight.  A couple of the hands and the set-knob were in better shape on my inoperable clock, so I spent some time removing parts, painting new "orange-glow" paint on the second-sweep hand, cleaning, lubing, etc.  When it was time to install all the gauges and plug in the dash cluster insert, I was operating in kind of a fluster, because things were not cooperating.  Took several days to do what should have been several hours, with several WEEKS of cussing thrown in.  Guess what?  Yup.  I grabbed and installed the clock I'd put all the shiny parts on - and you guessed it - IT WAS THE OLD, INOPERABLE ONE...

   Not discovered until a week later when all the dash work was complete and the car was started - and no tick-tock!  But the one in the box on my shelf, with all the old, crappy hands and knob and faded sweep hand?  Runs like a top.  🤣

Pit Crew

I order a new RPM meter (a hand-held tool, not an in-dash tach) from an online retailer.  I received a bag of very cute finger puppets.  The online retailer asked for a photograph for verification, then apologized, allowed me to keep the finger puppets and sent me the correct tool. I later regifted the finger puppets to an expecting family.  Happy ending!


 I just had a horrible experience ordering a set of main bearings for my Sprite.

 The weather finally cleared and warmed up here in the northwest which is always a cause for celebration and a reason to just drive.

 As another magnificent day unfolded I ordered the bearings along with some other necessary items in anticipation of the first spring drive after the rains.

 I ordered everything ground preferred which was supposed to take 3 to 4 days but found that the order wasn’t even looked at until 4 days after the order was placed. All told it took 8 days for my order to arrive only for me to see back order on the main bearings! I waited another 2 days only to find they shipped the wrong bearings!!

 In disgust I called another supplier from our community British Parts Northwest and explained my plight. The guy on the other end said he would process the order but that he didn’t think it would arrive before Monday, it was then Friday.

 Hooray the parts arrived Saturday afternoon and the job was done Monday and the car ran better than ever!

 I concluded 2 things from the situation: 1) if parts are shipped from say Southern California it makes little difference if they arrive tomorrow or next month, the weather doesn’t really change, and a drive in June is like a drive in April.

 2) A smaller hungrier company is much more likely to process the information quicker.

 In closing I would like to say, I often see people driving convertibles around here with the top up in the warm season and I wonder what the holdup is? 
 In the northwest when it is nice it’s NICE! I can’t even imagine what could motivate someone to not drop the top, the only thing prettier would be Angels coming down I guess would that be what it takes?


Intermediate Driver

I ordered screw in inserts to fix a stripped aluminum bellhousing from McMaster-Carr.  You can get them in thin wall or a thicker walled insert.  Half an hour after ordering I decided I needed the thin wall instead of the thick wall. I called but the order was already shipped and could not be changed.  I ordered the thin wall inserts and customer service said they would refund my card for the first order. Talk about GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE, I was amazed!  And very fast shipping, got the parts the next day. Of course I highly recommend them.


The window vent shades I ordered for my wife's Fiesta. I thought that it was Summit that listed the part wrong as I received a set for a hatchback even though they were listed as for the sedan. So....Summit took them back very quickly without hassle, contacted Weathertech, and Weathertech told them they were correct for the sedan. After several emails with attached photos, Weathertech finally caved and sent me what they had listed as for the hatchback. If you guessed that they fit my sedan, then, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, you area winner. 


While it wasn't exactly painless, Summit went out of the way to make it right, as did WeatherTech. I have no idea if they ever changed the part numbers, or flip flopped everything to make it the right part for said applications. Also, as many have noted, keeping a cool head made for a much smoother line of communication.