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Community Question: Tell us your favorite generation of Chevrolet pickup

Advanced Design or Squarebody? K-series or Cameo? There are over 100 years of Chevrolet trucks with a multitude of different generations. We want to hear which one is your favorite. 


Post a photo if you have one, and explain just what about that style endears it to you so strongly. 


Personally, I really love the '88-'98 generation. It might be because my father bought a new '93 and I grew up in the passenger seat before eventually getting the truck as my first car--though only for about two weeks. 


I sought out a good one for a daily driver, and only came up with this '98 that is pretty crusty. I still love it, and just being behind the wheel brings back memories. The regular cab/long box configuration makes is a great work truck, I think pretty sharp looking to boot. 



Hard question for me  --big fan of GM trucks.


67-72 wins because of family history with them and they are the perfect blend of style and real truck and old school simple. But my #1 is the 69 GMC and this is a Chev poll...


I also love the big nostril 60-61 Chev trucks like the one they blow up at the start of Men In Black. Hate it when people swap the 62-66 hood onto those. Love the dogleg a pillars. This generation does rust out in some wacky ways (i.e., strange inner fender bits) in my rust belt area.


For trucks I actually see and/or could afford a decent example for a small investment the 70s squarebodies are fun (I prefer them to the 80s refresh). Having said that, in the last few years the 88-98 gen has really grown on me.


If I had to list my 10 favourite trucks these 4 ^ make the list, and possible one or two of the 50s models.


I also like the 2004ish era grill, especially with the HD hood as that calls back the 69-72 bull nose hoods, but I'm not into extended cabs which most of those ones are --so they likely don't make my list.

Community Manager

I am definitely an early GMT-400 kinda guy.  I was blown away when I first saw the ads in 1988, and the interior didn't disappoint either.  Well that cassette deck in the middle of the dash mighta been a bit much. but they really tried to advance the design with ergonomics and aerodynamics, without going crazy with the powertrains.  

Intermediate Driver

I've always liked the looks of the '55-57 GM pickups, but more the step-sides opposed to the Cameo and fleet-sides. They look a little awkward compared to what came both before and after and the front end look was ruined in my opinion in '58 with the dual headlights, but just something about that design that looked right.1957 Chevy.jpg

New Driver


Why just chevy pickups?

Why not all pickups.  Is a GMC not a Chevy??  Poor choice of titles  If you love trucks,  & you likely own many brands.

Our green 1952 Advanced chassis. All orig survivor. Super fun to drive as was built almost 70 yrs ago.  Totally stk..

216", granny 4 on the flr.

Starts in zero° weather,  but hates it w/6V battery..  Fun Trk to drive around 50-60 miles a day.  50mph tops w/o tossing a rod thou..




This wont toss a Rod.. All forge internals.  '53 GMC, but this one had that optional

"MERLIN",  Bill Mitchell 509" BBC W/Bills own p.n. 890cfm Holley,  & the Hughes TH400,  9", 4 whl disc, A-Arm front, DSRC 4130 double frame rail round tube chassis w/4 link.  GMCs really are worth the extra 15%.. :+)

(no cage, cuz its a 650hp daily)

A well optioned truck showing GMC really goes the extra mile beyond the chrome.. ( j/k,)

Leaving from an idle,  shifting on th400 governor @4500 rpms, runs low 12s @ 108mph

Had Hughes leave stk trans gov. in place w/kickdown,  as its a true pump gas daily..So loud in cab U cznt talk on thats a safety feature like seat belts!!

A blast to drive any day,  summer or winter.. 65mph @2200rpms, w/3.00 gear.  So it runs put well over 120,  but the aero is horrible @Above 116mph.  Simply scary.

Below 100mph,  its 👍.  On track of

This,  vs our Green flatbed '52 dually, w/216" babbitt bearing oil slinger eng. that has maybe 15lbs oil pressure @ Redline.


  I really like all the Chevy trks from '47- early 60s.  5 windows are truely overated,  unless you really love getting sunburned on bk of your neck/shoulder. Living in citys like PHX,   U will hate the corners glass if not tinted heavily.  I used to thk YOU HAD  to HAV a 5 wind.  Till bein in my brothers,  who daily drove his '49 1 ton dually, all orig,  red,  (no pic) for 5 yrs.  Just so you can believe this,  he also wanted to live like a REAL  Mountain Man,  hunt w/black powder only,  and drink from a Live spring on his no electricity,  40 acres in the Missouri wilderness.   Wish he hadn't died so young,  as he never got too see either of our Advanced series trucks before his death.  He sold his '49 to his "true" mountain man buddy, (outhouse & all sorta living) and he put a SBC th350 in it.. To drive 300 mi rnd trips to StLouis from the boonies.



Ok,  hate me now..but I own it.. & really really love it.


 Boot post if you want for the next 1s.  Still our favorites..

We love these mid '90s  12 valve,

P-Pump Dodge 5.9L diesel's. 

Our '96 rust free 1 ton dual whl we found in pic.

Close too 22 mpg,  if you drive real easy w/no trailer.  I love that it takes only 1 wire & a started lead to make this eng run.  180k over 25yrs and it still drives well.  This went straight to Regency Coach Works,  direct from manufacturer,   and had all the trimmings added on that you could not get as options in 1996. 

Alum Weld whls, sliding pwr rear glass,  all leather, special wood grain interior, Air bags for hvy loads, polished stainless kick panels, and all sorts a other neat features a custom coach builder would add.

Gonna need paint these days,  as Dodge doesnt know what clear coat durability is.  Must be rolled on ..cuz it dont stick.






Also love the Ford 7.3L Excursions,   as we have a 2000 Limited 4x4.

( Its an F250 SD door w/o a bed..)

What a fun truck/suv.  Gets like 17+mpg if your gentle.  That 7.3 diesel isnt very powerful,  but it runs out well and like the Dodge ,  goes several 100,000's of miles if maintained.   They all need a trans rebuild between 170k-230k.  So plan for it if previous owner didnt get too it!!  Still hold great resale value even 20 yrs.  Cost more to insure Excursion than every veh we own but one/two.  Seen um go from $10k-40k in a Diesel. Both 6.0 & 7.3L.   Pile as many people and pets in it as U want,  and w/rear A/C everyone is comfy.


All brands deserve recognition,  not just our fav. Chebbby's.

So boot my post if im such a bad person!!  Thx for sharing all your fav rides..  I love um all you guys posted.. are u guys banishing me for breaking  the rules ?? 😆 

Advanced Driver

I like the 1973-87 "square body" style, but I have a heavy lean towards the 73-79 trucks. I really like the styling traits of them over the 80 and later.