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Community Question: Show us your favorite red car

Car come in many shapes and sizes, and some look best in one particular hue. Today we are asking the Hagerty Community to share a photo of your favorite red car. 


Could be one from you past, present, or future--we love reflections as much or more than goals. If you have a paint code to go with your photo, be sure to include that so other members can use it as inspiration for their future projects. 


So have at it below. We are excited to see what you have, had, or want to have!

Hagerty Fan
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Hagerty Fan
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A picture of this 1996 Plymouth Neon probably takes you by surprise. You'll likely see many more Ferraris on this thread. My first car was this red Neon with the gaudy white wheels. The interior was was very 90s-esque, as there were neon-colored triangles sprinkled across the seats. I have great memories with it, and it always got me from point A to B!


Hagerty Employee

so ... any corvette, right? 

Pit Crew


 I’m kinda partial to this one. It handled a little better than Brad Phillips explorer.