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Community Manager

Community Question: Period correct accessories for a perfect restoration?

The question isn't about adding vintage memorabilia (like tapes/records or die cast models) to your car, or even those Time Out dolls seen at car shows. What I want to know is what period correct accessories have you added to your car to make it look like you were Hot Stuff back in the day.


My choice for a period correct accessory? A Fuzzbuster II with woodgrain that matches the stuff in my '72 Continental Mark IV. It was only $20 on eBay (free shipping too!). And if you were wealthy enough to have this car and a radar detector back in the 1970s, you certainly made a statement that very few could make! 




I remember them being on cars as late as the 70s and 80s. 

Intermediate Driver

blue plastic breezies, light hoodies and bug/snow deflector for my 47 plymouth.  also added the vacuum operated dash fan, and combination spotlight mirrors that clamp onto the doors and need no drilling to mount. mopar locking gas cap. 47 plymouth 1.jpgmopar marked foglights. all items oem, or original 40', 50's items, no repops.

Intermediate Driver

crap! forgot the fulton sunvisor, the oem wheel trim rings, and the clip on wider mirror in the interior, the oem mopar backup light......