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Community Question: Most aggravating car part you broke?

The question for this week is about what car part you broke that really, really got under your skin.  You can't blame anyone but yourself for the part breaking! 


In my case, it might be the (junky) aftermarket headlights I was about to sell for a few bucks on eBay ... until I dropped one as I was putting them into the box for shipping.  It's not like I was dying to get that $25 back for these things, but now I gotta throw them all away. 😤 


Screen Shot 2020-10-20 at 9.57.29 AM.png


Oh, good question: For me, I accidently hit the side door with my hammer as It was attached to my utility belt as I was tuning to get my car wax. Left a ding, but was a bit furious. I took it to my local custom auto body shop and they fix my ding without me paying a single silly, but my car is my babe!!!


   I can't tell you the most aggravating parts I broke, because they belonged to a friend who I think is getting a Hagerty quote right now and might soon sign up for this community forum.  If he read the true story, he'd know that where his parts went vs. the story I told him did not mesh, and then I'd have to tell him the truly stupid thing I did to break them in the first place, which is why it was so aggravating...  🙄