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Community Question: How do you beat the summer heat in your classic?

For some of us, if its a nice day outside we need to take out our classic vehicles. Only problem is these days it's pretty darn hot. And not just in the American South, it's painfully hot everywhere! 


So the question is, how do you enjoy your classic when the weather is hot? 

  • Cover all metal bits with a blanket (so you don't burn when you try to drive it)?
  • Fix the air conditioning? 
  • Only drive when the sun is down? 
  • Tint the windows? 
  • Put a window shade on the windshield? 

Photo Courtesy: AmazonPhoto Courtesy: Amazon

Hagerty Fan
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I think that summer is absolutely the best time to drive your classic, because when it breaks down, you'll have the maximum amount of daylight hours available to ponder your predicament.


Simple I have the good old original Freon that is 43 degrees at the vent and T tops. 

What else does one need. 

Intermediate Driver

Don't bother worrying about it. It is never too sunny to go for a drive - and, no, my cars do not have air conditioning.


Wear a hat if it's a drophead, bring water and enjoy the ride. Life's too short to do anything else.

Hagerty Fan
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"Put a window shade on the windshield?"

Oh, wait a minute, you're supposed to remove those before you drive your car?

Depending on the temps outside, I typically just go lazy and crank the A/C. I think this is an after effect of living in Oklahoma and Texas for quite a few years and not having A/C when I reeeeeally needed it, so now that everything in the driveway is equipped with somewhat-properly-functioning HVAC, yeah, I'm going to use it.

The one son that is still at home, however, owns a convertible Mustang and drives it quite often with the top down, no matter the temp outside.

Pit Crew

IcyBreeze cooler that pumps out cold air and heat/sound treatment undercoating on the tub. Works wonders! I drove my 1974 Bronco in 113° heat and felt nothing coming from the floorboards. I used Spectrum by Second Skin and if anyone needs an installer in AZ let me know! 


Wing windows, baby!  😋


We don' need no stinkin' A/C!We don' need no stinkin' A/C!

Pit Crew

4-40 air conditioning: roll 4 windows down and drive at least 40 mph.


New Driver

I don't have much money and have spent decades saving money to buy parts.  I finely got the parts but I'm now 86 and getting it put back together seems like an impossible task now.  It's an open 2-seater, doesn't have a top, and never had a heater or defrosters.  It weighs 1000 lbs and the engine which is ready to be put on a dyno should have about 145 hp @ 6k.  I'm saving for Brooklands Racing Screens now.  I will be starting the assembly of the rear axle this week.  If I live long enough to get it put back together there is one problem to be solved.  I will have one problem and it is not beat the summer heat, a simple solution: tree lined mountain roads, a cap, sun glass, and air speed controlled by car speed.  Getting into the car will not be a problem.  My butt will be 4.5-5 inches above the road.  Avoiding potholes isn't the problem either.  I'm trying to figure out how get out after taking a spin.  gearbox tunnel on the left and chassis tubes and hand brake on the right.  I'll be sitting in the 16" space between them. 

I do have an engine lift, I better start saving for a Rappelling Harness.  Oh, the car!

1965 Ginetta G4

Intermediate Driver

It's been pretty damn hot up here on the Great White North too.  The '89 Golf Cabrio and the '91 Alfa Spider have been relegated to evening duties only. Not much fun with all the construction around here either. Being cooked while stuck in traffic is no way to enjoy your classic.

To make things worse, the cars are stored six months out of the year. 😞

New Driver

Unfortunately, I don't. Heat indexes of 105 and up, black interior and no a/c means I just look at it. But, when others are parking theirs for the winter, I'm enjoying mine. Had a 69 Z28 when I was 18 and never had an issue with heat. That Z was my daily driver and I sure wish I had it now. Oh well, a 72 Chevelle ain't bad.


Not many of people around here had a car with A/C back then - but as DUB6 says we had WING WINDOWS and made it thru the summer.


The only option I have right now is to remove T-Tops. During it's 23 year absence from my possession, someone disabled the A/C and heater. I purchased a Vintage Air set and have most of the PIA dash work done, but I would hate to not be driving it to do the under hood work when it's the right season here. Maybe I can finish it next winter.



Little of "al the above" first I only store inside at all times, both cars have A/C but one has T tops so, in that car I roll the windows up with the T's out and turn on the A/C LOL. Biggest thing is keeping the sun off the interiors as much as possible especially with a 1977 and 83. Rest is simply playing find the shade. But in N MI. no worries there, only 2 months (maybe) of sun anyways.

Pit Crew

Plan your cruising in the morning. Keep an eye on the weather if it's triple digits out and you have to be in stop and go traffic then plan ahead. No ac for me so staying cool in the car is just the wind. Nothing worse that sitting in stop and go watching the temp gauge go up. If I have to I pull over and sit for a few minutes and or find alternate routes so I can keep wind in the sails then thats what i do. Best option if you don't have ac is to make sure your cooling system works good. I use electric fans which help but if it's 110 air then your not really cooling much combined with the engine Temps best to keep moving as much as possible. Where I live there are a lot of micro climates with cooler air in spots and a few water ways to get close to with cooler air.