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Community Manager

Community Question: Have you seen anything as wild as black disc brakes?

Just yesterday I learned about brake rotors made out of a black material. Yup, they make brake rotors that aren't a traditional metallic finish!


Seems like multiple vendors are also making them, these are from Hawk (which is a reputable brand name). I don't know why these bother me, but they absolutely do. Tell me what you think! 

Photo: Hawk PerformancePhoto: Hawk Performance

Advanced Driver

Haven’t seen them in person yet. A guess is that some feel it goes better with the black wheels that are fashionable today.  🤔 I’m assuming the friction surface still gets shiny with use though.

Probably not going to order them up anytime soon, but as trends go it doesn’t really bother me. For my use, I’m more not-a-fan of those drill rotors. 


I actually like the look of the shiny discs behind the black wheels, although I am in the camp of NOT a fan of black aluminum wheels.

Advanced Driver

Another thought....given how trends sometimes start. Most carbon brake rotors on high-end cars have a kind of black mat look. I’m wondering if those are trying to emulated the look. 

Community Manager

That's precisely what I was thinking, @JimR


We sell these at work. 

The intent is to copy the more expensive carbon rotor look. 

Also many people buy anodized rotors then complain the color got scraped off. I wonder if they may go for other colors too. 

Advanced Driver

I've always ran solid wheels (smoothies/w baby moons) or stock with hub caps and trim rings, so a color wouldn't make much difference to me. However if I were to go with another style wheel I'd like the shiny discs. 


I've got a black car with a lot of rotor showing from behind 5 spoke wheels, and those rotors would look great if they stay dark and don't form the kind of "24-hour red rust" as the OEM rotors. I'm thinking they'd look really good on my OEM wheeled silver Solstice, too. If they work as well as stock and keep that appearance, I'm in!


We sell these at work. The whole idea is to have the Carbon look. 


I suspect other colors will follow as we get complaints from customers when the anodizing comes off the rotor surface after a few stops. 


Right now the treated rotors like the ones on the new GM cars have been great. No rust and they are chemically treated to be harder. My Canyon rotors are 3 years old and never any rust. 


I just wish they had them for more applications.