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Community Question: Ever disassembled a brand new part?

While I have re-clocked an alternator case, I have never disassembled a brand new part.  But here I am taking tin snips to a brand new brake line. These things are designed quite well, it's fascinating to see the multi layers of rubber...which begs the question: How on earth is this assembled at the rubber hose factory?   


IMG_4328.JPGIMG_4329.JPGIMG_4330.JPG case you were wondering, the photo below is why i cut this hose apart.  Yes, I got a full refund, promptly, from RockAuto (which was nice of them!). 





Could have probably saved the threads with careful die chasing, depending on how deep the female mating hole was and how many threads were engaged when full inserted, but I would not have used it, Brakes are kind of important.


Thanks for the show and tell.



Community Manager

Yeah I considered it, but new lines are about $10 each for this car (85 Thunderbird).  Not worth the effort, especially for a safety feature. 


Yes Sajeev I have had alternators/master cyl/starters apart new out of the box unfortunately the nearest auto store is 100 mile rounder living in a reasonably remote area so sometimes a non working new part is a simple fix I try first,with that said years ago when the majority of the replacement parts were built/rebuilt in the good ole USA or Canada it was rare to get a part that didn't work as expected and have a great life expectancy  sadly today not the case.Cheers R

Community Manager

Wow, you know, I am lucky to live next to an Autozone hub that's literally 0.2 miles away from me. Not that I get all my parts from Autozone, but that's a topic for another thread. 


I've had better luck with local rebuilders for parts like Alternators, but if you know what you're doing, having an alternator with a lifetime warranty really comes in handy when you are stranded in another town and the parts store will gladly take your failed part, get you a new one, and you can be on your way. 


Most times I order online and have parts delivered may cost a bit more but better then the drive,LOL if I lived next to a auto zone there would be a well worn path.R

Intermediate Driver

So much aftermarket stuff nowadays is just plain junk. I try to be very selective about where parts are made for my vehicles now. It's extremely frustrating to order stuff online and then have to wait for it and pay for all the shipping, only to get it and have it not fit or be unusable for whatever reason, (usually poorly manufactured or engineered) meanwhile your car languishes in the garage.... 


What I find funny is companies like Auto Zone and other national chains will buy parts from web parts companies and resell them to walk in customers at a mark up. 

Shop carefully. They may just be ordering you a web part for you. 

Community Manager

I bet they were, as I have a feeling they all use the same warehouses for parts that won't normally fly off their shelves.  That said, when this part turned out to be a dud, I couldn't wait for RockAuto to ship me a new one so I ordered it from Autozone and got it the next day.  At least the rest of my brake job/restoration was affordable thanks to RA. 

New Driver

I always take apart new carburetors - just to make sure floats are set correctly and all parts present.  My last specialty built Holley carb had a missing power-valve.  That would have massively flooded the engine at start up and could have caused some really serious issues!!!