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Community Manager

Community Question: Cars with equal parts Pleasure and Pain?

No I'm not talking about a Mustang or a Chevy Truck that was particularly difficult to restore.  This post is for everyone who's owned a car made of unobtainum technology, for cars of limited production and/or limited appeal (i.e. they are all crushed by now, probably for good reason) and for cars that are extremely difficult to diagnose/repair. 


Here's mine: 1989 Lincoln Continental Signature Series.  The last owner actually paid my local mechanic to rebuild the awful transmission, replace the head gaskets + deck the block/heads, convert the air suspension to I paid $900 for it and "invested" over 10 times more to make it where it is today. I love the stupid Taurus-Continental, can't stop driving it. 


At least it wins awards for being the nuttiest thing in a car show. 😂


There's no need to be as insane as me, but tell us what car you'd own if you had the love, the motivation, and most importantly the 💰💰💰to keep it running. 



Pit Crew

I know what you mean. I’ve owned a Dodge Stealth, which is very similar, and I start having problem getting parts for it, before Mitsubishi arrived in Canada. I was hoping sourcing parts from them. I did loved that car; it had pop up headlights, had a removable roof that stored in the trunk. And it was very fast, even if it wasn’t an awd turbo.

Community Manager

Stealths definitely fit the bill.  I bet exterior parts are harder to find than the Mitsubishi, just because there are less Dodges on the globe than there are 3000 GTs/GTOs. 

Advanced Driver

I swear Sajeev is pitching underhand to get me in trouble. 50/50 balance of Pleasure and Pain? My '67 Country Sedan 289 cu wagon at a drive-in movie. But only if it was a really good movie.

Community Manager

I'd like to think that Hagerty hired me for my ability to get people into such types of trouble.