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Community Manager

Community Question: Cars with equal parts Pleasure and Pain?

No I'm not talking about a Mustang or a Chevy Truck that was particularly difficult to restore.  This post is for everyone who's owned a car made of unobtainum technology, for cars of limited production and/or limited appeal (i.e. they are all crushed by now, probably for good reason) and for cars that are extremely difficult to diagnose/repair. 


Here's mine: 1989 Lincoln Continental Signature Series.  The last owner actually paid my local mechanic to rebuild the awful transmission, replace the head gaskets + deck the block/heads, convert the air suspension to I paid $900 for it and "invested" over 10 times more to make it where it is today. I love the stupid Taurus-Continental, can't stop driving it. 


At least it wins awards for being the nuttiest thing in a car show. 😂


There's no need to be as insane as me, but tell us what car you'd own if you had the love, the motivation, and most importantly the 💰💰💰to keep it running. 




A Citroen DS. So bizarre and amazing from a North American car perspective.


A 70s/80s Peugot with the bubbled-over headlights. Not as wild as the Citroen but still super rare where I live.


A Tatra.


I can appreciate full classics, modern exotics and so on but the above short list seems like it would be more fun (if one had the money and patience) for me.

Community Manager

French cars in America are probably the epitome of what we are going for here.  Thanks for this! 


I think just about anything vintage is a balance of pleasure and pain. However, in my limited ownership of a motorcycle built in Italy, I would say those owners have to be damn near masochists to truly enjoy their machines.

Pit Crew

I'm with you on the Tatra. One of the last ones, like the red one that Lane Motor Museum has.
New Driver

A 1974 Jaguar XKE in British Racing Green with a Saddle Interior.

Pit Crew


 My 1980 Ferrari 400i twin turbo charged Columbo V-12 Straman cabriolet. Given the over $200,000 worth of receipts to restore, modify and maintain my unique, “Family Car,” it truly is a labor of love.

Community Manager

Twin turbos in a 400!!! Wow!  What type of fuel injection setup do you run to keep that beast running? 

Pit Crew


 Norwood built it for me, and it has an extreme rush of torque that comes quite suddenly.

Community Manager

Norwood really was the master back then, that's very cool.  Odds are he used a MoTec setup, that was the best you could get back then.