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Community Question: Can you share with us your wedding "drive-away car" for February?

We have a very simple request for members of the Hagerty Community: Can you share with us your wedding "drive-away car" with everyone here to celebrate Valentine's Day? 

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Pit Crew

1966 Triumph TR4a. From Western PA to Key West Florida. In 1975 the interstates were NOT completed. Still have the car. Would you like to volunteer to restore it or at least make it a driver again?

Pit Crew

  • A red 1979 Mazda RX-7!
Intermediate Driver

68 Chevelle Malibu 4-speed small block 307. Both blew an engine and are no longer around. Would like to replace the car though!

New Driver

Got married in 1970. Drove off in our ‘67 Triumph GT6. She can drive a stick and likes fast, fun cars. We’re still married.

Pit Crew

!966 Mustang GT Convertible Just Married!Just Married!My Second Love!My Second Love!

New Driver

Our wedding chariot was a 1970 Plymouth AAR ‘Cuda. Still have both 🙂




I am proud to admit that I we were pulled away from the wedding to the reception in a two horsepower carriage. Several cars were suggested and offered but in the end horse drawn carriage was clearly the best choice. I have never been to a wedding before or after where the happy couple did this, and let me tell you when you arrive at the reception with two horses pulling a carriage with you and the bride EVERYONE comes out to see you arrive. Unless you were in a car that was on fire at your wedding this thing turned way more heads than anything I have ever driven or ridden in. Sorry, best photo I had.




Rust free 1977 Trans AM from AZ. in 1985, still own the car. Was refreshed to like new in 2010, wife still drives it every summer.

New Driver

A 1969 Mustang GT. We still have the car 47 years later.Home98.jpg

Advanced Driver

I had a bunch of struggling artists for college buddies and a brand new 74 455 Cutlass Salon.  Black, black, and black (factory lacquer).


I bought the upcoming wife a 1968  Mustang.  It was a sound car, other than it barely ran and the paint was toasted.  I took that to the wedding.  No one was any wiser.  Got it home.  Painted it, replaced the plug wires, painted some interior trim, and that car became one of the best and best looking cars I ever owned, a gorgeous metallic green with white interior and a white vinyl top.  Most important for the wife, power steering, power brakes, and A/C.


Another "should have kept it", along with my 72 455 Corvette and my 67 Olds Toronado.  However, $700/month, whether I needed it or not, only got me so far down the road. 


The wife did not make the "should have kept it" list.  The maintenance budget is astronomical, but she is still beautiful and still questioning her sanity (along with her mom).


And they are probably still questioning yours…just a hunch

Pit Crew

Married Dec27, 1975. Went skiing in Woodstock Vermont in my 1969 AMC AMX the first of many I have owned. It was the only car that started without a jump one frigid morning!

New Driver

When we got married in 2000, I was working at a GM Dealership and the owner loaned us his 1981 Buick Riviera Convertible.  It was white with red leather interior.  Classy Ride from a Classy Boss!  Thanks Hop! 

Pit Crew

1967 Shelby GT-350, June 5, 1983.  My wife  and I and the car are still together.1967 Shelby GT-350, June 5, 1983. My wife and I and the car are still together.

Intermediate Driver

1993 Chrysler convertible, white.  I called it my "mid-life crisismobile" (I got married in my late '40s).

Pit Crew

First wedding: 61 Electra 225 ragtop (which I still have) Second time around shrunk down to an 86 CRX Si


New Driver

1958mTrimuph TR3A - Michgan to Florida and back!

Pit Crew

3C03C89C-68B1-4EF3-8380-05A814A306DE.jpegMy son and his new bride driving off in the first thing he ever drove, my 1990 Dodge Dakota Convertible. 

New Driver

We snuck away from the reception in my mom's '82 Pontiac Firebird S/E

Pit Crew


Left the church driving my father’s’68 Tempest wagon with my D Production Lotus Super Seven on a trailer heading for the SCCA Chimney Rock Hillclimb. Set the DP record that weekend!

New Driver

Not me, but my newlywed neighbors had a most unique wedding drive away vehicle.  A brand spanking new 2019 Autocar garbage truck.  The groom was expecting his father-in-law’s beautiful vintage Corvette to still be waiting for them outside the church. Instead the father-in-law arranged for the groom’s employer to deliver the new truck during the wedding ceremony to replace the Corvette.  It was hilarious when the unknowing wedding party and attendees emerged from the church to see the leviathan waiting there with trash cans in tow for them to depart in.  Of course, the bride was in on it with her dad or the marriage would have ended right then and there.Front of Truck-E.jpgTruck & Cans-E.jpg

New Driver

59 Porsche 356A coupe with sunroof.  


I will have to dig out photo's and scan them, from almost a 1/4 century ago. But this is the car.


DS420 Limo




Pit Crew



Lucky are we!        Still have them both!Still have them both!

Pit Crew

Our getaway car in 1982 was my 1982 RX7 GS.


Pit Crew

wedding NA 1.jpeg

Late to the party, but my wife and I left our wedding in my 1994 Mazda Miata Track car, that was my daily driver when we first started dating.

Intermediate Driver

1974 BMW 2002. I wrote about it here:

Pit Crew

This was take on September 15, 2001…I arranged a small 4-car parade of first gen Mustang convertibles to take the bridal

party from the church to the reception.   This is my car, a 1965 4-barrel V8, 4-speed with deluxe interior…Ivy green with a white top.   It was the first (and last) time I ever rode in the back seat! I’ve owned her since 1997 and my bride and I still love putting the top down and going for long rides!!  



I got married in 10/92. We drove away in a limo. BUT I drove there in a 76 Eldorado, and my wife drove my 65 Corvair Greenbrier. She drove the Greenbrier because she could lay her wedding dress out flat in the back! Celebrating 30 years in October!