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Community Manager

Community Question: Best video game for car enthusiasts?

How many people here are gamers?  I like to dabble (even more thanks to COVID) and I gotta say that my favorite car game to this day is still GTA Vice City**.


The racing simulator games get too repetitive for me at some point, but I could live in Vice City. And I might not be joking. 

(photo courtesy: Google Play store)(photo courtesy: Google Play store)


**Yes this is a game for mature audiences only, so you cannot play it around kids nor should you let them play it (at least not without some form of supervision)


New Driver

TDU2 is the best game for me. Test Drive Unlimited 2  is an open world racing video game developed by Eden Games and published for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. This game is optimized for all platforms.  game testing company in USA did their job great! 

New Driver

My dream is to make a game from the scratch. I know lots of companies, for example, who started their business and became successful. I think the pandemic is a good time to start since I'm working remotely and have some spare time.