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New Driver

Classic Car Original Documents Value??

My father had a 1963 Ferrari that he enjoyed and kept a couple of years and then sold it in 1970. The gentleman he sold it to owned it for around 30 years before selling it un-restored for around $250,000. The current owner lives overseas. I have some original title paperwork, a bill of sale and a few pictures of the car. I would like to exchange these documents with the current owner. My question is would it be appropriate to ask for monetary compensation for these important documents and if so how much seems fair?

Community Manager

I think It's absolutely fair if you feel the need to sell them, they are your property! I don't know how much original paperwork would sell for, it really depends on what condition the current owner is keeping it and how much they care for it.  If they are gonna keep improving the Ferrari, they might pay four figures for that paper work.  


Find the person and name your price. See what they say. 

New Driver

Thank you for your response. I will take the info you shared with me in to consideration when I decide which way to go.

Advanced Driver

Sajeev has good advice. I however always include any documentation, personal repair notes, pics, receipts, etc with the new owner. 


I see nothing wrong with asking for compensation for the original documents. On a car that brings high dollar like a Ferrari, I think it would be like proving provenance of collectible art, etc. 


Not knowing the model and current pricing for that vintage Ferrari my guess is that its got to be getting pretty rare=expensive most owners of domestic vintage cars want as much history as possible i can not see any reason why a fella would spend 250K on a unrestored and not be doing a complete resto and any prior documentation would be gold to me anyway I agree its worth something its history that should not be lost.Cheers R