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New Driver

Chevrolet Cosworth Vega Barnfind looking to get it titled?


I am looking into getting a Chevrolet Cosworth Vega Barnfind. The owner does not have a title for the car (It is in Illinois, I live in Michigan). Does anyone know the process to get a car titled in Michigan under this scenario? the car only has 335 miles on it! I would hate to have to part this car out. Any help would be appreciated.


John J.

Hagerty Employee

Hi John,

It is possible to register an out-of-state car in Michigan without a title. From my experience, you'll need to get a signed Bill of Sale with the vehicle. Have the current owner include as much information as possible on the BoS. Car Year, Make, Model, body style, VIN, seller legal name, address, and phone number, etc. 

Chances are, you'll also need a Surety Bond. If required by the Secretary of State, you can purchase the Surety Bond from many insurance companies, including Hagerty.

The Secretary of State may also require a physical inspection of the vehicle to verify the vehicle year, make, model, and VIN match the Bill of Sale. It is best to contact your local SoS office to see what information they want you to bring in beforehand. One thing I've learned is to work with a small-town office. They are typically not as busy, and willing to have a longer conversation about making it all work.

New Driver

Thank you for the reply! That's a bit more reassuring.