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Community Manager

CANCELLED: Ride and Seek Portland Edition

Our sincere apologies, we have decided to cancel this event due to the recent wildfires and poor air quality. Please stay safe everyone and we hope to be back out with you again soon.




Join Hagerty for our first self-guided Ride & Seek Scavenger Hunt, customized just for Portland, OR.

Step 1: Register at to participate in the challenge.

Step 2: Hop in your vehicle between 18-20 September and complete the challenge by snapping as many photos as you can of you and your ride in front of out list of Portland icons (checklist will be provided the evening of September 17th).


Step 3: Reply to this post with our photos and you could take home some awesome prizes.


You’re guaranteed to have a blast with a weekend of incredible driving and we can't wait to see the results! See attachment for full contest rules,

Advanced Driver

No, a rationalization is a defense mechanism to avoid an uncomfortable truth....which is that Portland, among many others, is a unmitigated mess. 
And where you live and what residents elsewhere (by your calculation) pay in taxes,  nor quoting lyrics from an obscure 45+ year old song has nothing to do with that “mess”. That’s called deflection. 🤨

Advanced Driver

okay. then when should everyone evacuate? run for your lives! got a date for me? and are they gonna leave the deep roast behind? i haven't had a cup of jamaican blue mountain in years. i'll run the gamut. 

Advanced Driver

Still deflecting. With a sprinkle of facetious. 😏

Advanced Driver

u r correct sir. mostly bored. anything different suits me just fine. what ever fits the moment. bye-bye and buy bonds.

Advanced Driver