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Battery prices. WTF?

So along with having to replace the Cougar battery, I found the truck battery dead AGAIN. Charged it, let it cool, and got out my trusty load tester. I was kapoot. So I get out my phone and start checking battery prices for a second time. Not that they have changed much in the past month, but JEEEEEZZZ! 


I looked for the good 'ole Die Hard. It is now sold at Advance, but looks eerily similar to the Advance store brand so it appears that the Die Hard name has been bought by Advance/Carquest and has turned into a sticker that is now covering the store brand. Somehow the store brand has now become 1/3 higher thanks to that new sticker. 


In the end I just got one from Walmart for $117 out the door with the same CCA and warranty as the, ahem, Die Hard. They even met me at the door. So for $98 before taxes I got a similar, if not the same battery, as Advance for almost 1/2 the price. 


I'm sorry, but battery prices are off the chain anymore. I noticed the big climb in 2010. Ridiculous!!

Community Manager

I've been noticing this for a while, too.  Seems like its coming from a mix of raw material pricing/availability and from tighter regulations on battery production. And the usual cost of inflation, of course. 


Hoping the tighter regulations also make them safer, I had a bad batch of batteries from 15 years ago, the three I bought all blew up and spilled acid everywhere. Luckily the damage was minimal as I washed the cars down quickly. I'll pay more for a less garbage-y product.  


I would gladly pay more for a better product. That being said, I think there are maybe two or three actual battery manufacturers. Ever notice how so many look so similar, but the prices are all over the place?


I put a Die hard in my truck back in 2004 or 2005 and it lasted until 2016. Yep. 12 yrs. I would load test it once a year, and it would pass with flying colors until the final test. The Interstate I replaced it with lasted the exact warranty time, no further.

Community Manager

I think there are only two: Exide and Johnson Controls. The ones that blew up in my experience were the Exides. Not thrilled with them, ironically the John Control batteries have been good for me, and Walmart sells their JC battery for a fair price. 

Intermediate Driver

$98 before taxes? You got a good deal!


I know where I am buying mine from this point on. 


I need one too, been suffering sticker shock.

Good thing I have 3 cores to trade.

Mine is gonna have to wait a little longer.

My Diesel needs 2 big ones, gonna need a second mortgage. 




It is just not batteries anymore. 

The bad thing is the best battery I ever used were the old Delco Freedom Batteries. I never had one go less than 12 years and one went near 20 years. 

Today the Delco batteries are just not that good anymore. 

The Optima Batteries I have been using have all been over 10 years accept one that lasted about a year and it was under warranty. 

One blow up in a Corvette with a Die Hard. It had a bad terminal internal and let go. Not a good car for a battery to blow in.