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Article in the latest Hagerty Mag

I just finished reading the story on the "Black Ghost" Challenger that used to terrorize the street racers and disappear. It was a terrific read, but also brought back memories.


When I was in high school, I was running two cars; A B5 blue '69 Sport Satellite, and a '79 Camaro Type LT (I know some will say "no you had a Berlinetta", but that would be wrong. It truly was a Type LT). The Plymouth had a 440 (Indy Heads, BIG solid roller, hemi oil pickup, 2" headers, and Mallory Dizzy with an Indy Single plane and 850 Holley), Torquflite, Dana 60 rear with 3.91 gears. The Camaro had a 327 out of a 66 Corvette (double hump heads, Duntov cam, reworked HEI, 1 5/8 headers), a muncie m21 four speed and more freeway friendly 3.55 gears with a locker in the 10 bolt. Both cars were pretty quick and held their own. BUT!!!!!


A couple of times a year, this kid would come across the state line from Cayuga Indiana in a flat black AMX, 390 four speed car. He would literally take all of us to school, then disappear back across the state line. He beat everyone. I mean everyone. He never stopped to hang out, or talk unless he was setting up a race. He never talked about what he was running except to say it was a 390, and never lifted the hood. That car was wicked. And he could drive the wheels off of it.  The closest I got to him in the Plymouth was a fender. I didn't even try in the Camaro. I guess I could have tried to swindle him into a top end run with my LTD (did that to a LOT of 5.0 stangs back in the day much to their chagrin), but still would have been playing catch up to a much larger degree (at least until the 1/4 mile was up).


That little AMX would pounce out of the hole like a cat that had its tail lit on fire. My cars hooked, but he would always jump out. It looked like Darth Vader's hot rod. it had about as much mystique as the Lincoln in "The Car". He was the "ghost" around our circles. 


Great memory Guitar I can envision it the street scene was unique with some characters some fella,s had parents with deep pockets and had the latest greatest and then there were the guys built not bought that had real talent on the mechanics of their cars some with no shop at all to work in but were blistering fast good times missed but not forgotten.Cheers R


Good story. .......but brought back bad memories for me as I was always on the loosing end back in the late 70's during my teenage years. I never quit though, and tried to get my Maverick as tough as I could afford. I ended up trashing it and got a Pinto which lasted allot longer. As a side bar.........check out page 26 (From the Forums) in the latest Hagerty Mag. I'm at the bottom of the column. My wife thinks I'm a celebrity now!