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Community Manager

American cars/truck that lived in an Alternate Universe?

Here's a question for everyone:  what American vehicles have you seen in other countries that were modified significantly for use in other countries?  


And we aren't talking about re-badges: Vauxhall or Holden grilles on Pontiac GTOs, or Chevy SS sedans do not count! 



Take the South American Ford Ranger for example (above): four doors, significantly altered sheetmetal and unique engines!  But if you look hard enough, you can see where it still looks like a 1992 Ranger. 


1969 Shelby de Mexico

Community Manager

Ooooh, that's a good one. 

Intermediate Driver

IKA Torino in Argentina, was a facelifted Rambler American with ex-Kaiser Jeep overhead camshaft "Tornado" inline six.  (IKA stood for Industrias Kaiser Argentina).  1960's-1970's.


It's cousin, the Willys Aero, a recycled sedan from 1952-1955, was beautifully restyled by Brooks Stevens for Willys do Brazil.  Early 1960's-1970's.  Strangely enough, it became a Ford later... 



Intermediate Driver

Ford Ranger used in Afghanistan. Not totally different than US models but

nothing fancy, just tough and reliable.






Pit Crew

I recall that the 1966 full size Ford lived on in Brazil at least through 1973.

Pit Crew

You might look up the Fargo pickups, which I believe were made by Chrysler and that marque still survives in Turkey.

Intermediate Driver

any of the '70s fords/chebbies wagons Down Under made back country tough by the American Oz guys.  They just look sharp to me (and were certainly durable).