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Intermediate Driver

Adventures of a 70 year old shop truck

purchased this truck about 10 years ago maybe. It’s no where near show room quality. She’s a truck! And I’m proud to say I use it like one. 



She’s sporting the original 216 engine, with a jaw dropping 85 hp, more than likely less. She could use a rebuild. Highway speed is out of the question. But that’s ok, I take back roads to the parts store if possible. when I drive it, time slows a bit. Like going back in time really. 


Rain or shine, I have it running. I use it to get parts for the shop, hauling engines and transmissions if need be. But mostly small stuff. 
It’s slow, but that’s ok. It’s the nice part of the fast paced day. 


But mainly, it’s a cruiser. Sunny day joyrides are it’s speciality. 



let’s hear how you use your classics for everyday stuff. Pics please!!!!! Love to see them in use!

Community Manager

Nice truck and great story!


All my 70s-80s-90s cars are just cars to go to work, get groceries, etc. nothing cool but it works for life in the suburbs.  My one new vehicle is a 2011 Ranger, but its far from new now (still kinda looks like a 1992) and people even think its 25+ years old just because the body style didn't change! And it's definitely helped me furnish my home, get supplies, haul trash to the dump, etc. 1003023_10151745237988269_300015413_n.jpg