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25 Greatest Mustangs

Your article on the top 25 Mustangs was fun to read, and there are a lot of great Mustangs mentioned.  However,  I have to make a recommendation for two years on your list. 

In 1968, you exclude the Shelby GT500KR, but talk about the Bullitt. Now, I know that Steve McQueen’s old beat up 68 Bullitt sold for a lot of money, but does that make the year and model a great car?  I don’t think so. To me the Bullitt is a Mustang GT painted either green or black and has badging and trim changes. Although you talk about the 428 cobra jet engine by Bob Tasca Sr., and it going into production the next year, you left out the 1968 GT500KR, that had a 428 Cobra Jet engine in it. The true output in the KR was said to be 410HP and the torque was rated at 440 pound-feet of torque. This Mustang blows away the Bullitt in every category.
My second thought to your list is part of the S197 generation (2005-2014). Three picks were made. I agree that in 2005 this new platform rolled in a great retro look. I loved it, and couldn’t wait to get one. 
In 2008, the Shelby GT500KR 40th anniversary was sent to dealerships, and a total of 1,011 were produced. This Mustang was introduced by Carroll Shelby himself at the New York Auto Show  the previous year. Do you remember seeing those photos? Everyone Who looked at these photos needed assistance for their TMJ, because their jaws hit the ground, while saying what a beautiful and powerful Mustang. In fact, the most powerful Mustang ever built in the history of Mustangs, with 540HP and an estimated 510 pound-feet of torque, supercharged, track inspired suspension, carbon fiber hood that directed cold air right on top of the CAI and two heat extractors. This Mustang had forged Alcoa’s, a suspension with a race inspired traction control system, and an exhaust note that sounded better than any other Mustang produced. This Shelby Mustang was the most powerful Stang to date, super sexy, very limited, and a huge advancement for the Mustang. 
This is why I believe these two Shelby Mustangs should be on your list.  
Gary Welch