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2021 Jaguar Dawn Patrol Colorado

Photos from the Rocky Mtn. Jaguar Club's Dawn Patrol, Everyone met at 9 am August 15th at the beautiful Red Rocks Ampha-theater. There were over a dozen Jaguars present. Everyone had a great time participating in the Hagerty Dawn Patrol and went to brunch afterwards.


Tom E, 2000 XK8.JPGBill & Olene, 2017 XF R Sport.JPGBill B, 2003 XK8.JPGBob G, 1956 XK 140 DHC.JPGBrent Mc, 2006 XKR.JPGDavid M, 1959 xk 150 .JPGDeb and Mike, 1970 S2 E-Type.JPGDwight & Linda. 1999 XK8.JPGGary and Judy, 1969 S2 E-Type.JPGHagerty  (84).JPGHagerty  (94).JPGHagerty  (108).JPGRoger & Jan F-Type.JPGSteve & Deanie, 2015 F-Type.JPG


Intermediate Driver

Would have loved to have been there with either my 2002 XKR 'vert or my 2010 XKR coupe.  These types of meets are what make owning special cars such a joy.


My two XKRsMy two XKRs