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Pit Crew

2020 Wasn't so bad!

Hi all!


As this year comes to a close amid much negativity, I looked back at the people that made it a memorable one. 


So many thanks to my friends at Hagerty, Corey, Amy, Julie, so many thank you's!!!


A little compilation of our adventures:






Community Manager

Your 2020 was definitely better than mine!  Thank you for sharing! 


Hey Sajeev, My 2020 sucked also. Glad I was still able to tinker with our cars, but sad we couldn't enjoy them and the camaraderie that accompanies our hobby.


Here in Ohio it was automotive purgatory. 

All events were killed and even out door cruise in’s were cleared by county health Nazi’s. 

But on the other hand my work in the auto parts sector could never have been better. Everyone was hone working on their cars and it was good for out sales. 


hyperv6 has it right. As far as the hobby is concerned, we had alot of time for tune up's, clean ups, etc....but as for the year, it sucked. Shows, cruise in's, swap meets, meetings were in limbo. Rest assured, we will recover and move on. I hope we still live in a Republic in 2021. Hang in there yall and have a great new year.


I got a host of things done on the Cougar. I also got some driving time in on all of my classics, but the unknown of all of it, the idiocy that was exhibited by our elected officials over this, and a whole host of other things just sucked the positives out the way my sister in law sucks the fun out of everything.


Well said Guitar74. I replied in an earlier post that we would recover but every day I get more and more worried if we ever will. I want to believe that our hobby / craft will survive and that people will wake up and see that our freedom to enjoy things as simple as cars, driving and cheap fuel / energy can be taken away. Hang in there. I am replying to so many topics that I can't keep up with all of them. Is there a way to categorize our conversations?