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Pit Crew

1965 Chevrolet Corvair

The best ride on Earth  .... 


My father had new a 63-64-65-66. I can remember laying in the bin in the rear window as a kid. 

He loved those cars. 

Later I was in bold in restoring two. On had only 8k miles and had been wrecked in 67. It was a 65 convertible. We got it to fire up with only a rebuild on the carbs. I remember the first drive late at night. It was on the OE ribbed Firestones dry rotted with no wind shield and the head lamp buckets out. The trunk was held down with a rubber bungee cord cord

The faster we went the more the hood would come up. 

We finally got it back together and it was a really good car. The car had r ear ended another and the body work was done. It just needed put back together. 

We had a couple valves sticking but Marvel Mystery oil fixed it.