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Hagerty Employee

1930 Model A — Learning to live through a pandemic by maintaining a Model A

modela2.jpgModela1.jpgEditor's note: This story came from Hagerty friend Scott Webb... 


Once an 100 years a pandemic comes along that reminds us all on how precious life and health truly are.  We are also reminded that we are all on a journey and it’s really not the destination but the lessons learned along the way which in my case is how to lube your 1930 Model A.   My Roadster has been in my family for nearly 30 years and has been hands down from my father, grandfather and now me.  Little did I know that there are at least 14 lube “points” on the Model A that like putting a puzzle together and need to be investigated, sought and connected.   It was an amazing journey to find these “points” and then connecting the oil gun to destination. Given all the oil and grease locations, I was able for I find and lubricate at least 23 points throughout every inch of the Roadster...

Given the “great life pause” that this pandemic has caused, it has also provided in opportunity to learn and be inspired by the small things in life —- like lubing my Model A....  So, find your grease gun and seek out your antique car points....I know I did and found out what’s possible when you “pause” and prepare for your next journey.....

Community Manager

This makes a lot of sense. One of the few things I can enjoy during the pandemic (thanks to my messed up immune system) is just doing a simple oil change. So on Friday I ordered oil/filter from my local Autozone, parked at the curb, received my stuff from a friendly employee wearing a mask and gloves, and I proceeded to make an evening out of enjoying an otherwise annoying task.  


Not that I want to do that again any time soon, especially since I found other problems when I was under there, but it's good to see that someone else is enjoying the "craft" while we have to stay safe.