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1913 Cadillac Speedster

Just read the "10 of Our Favorite Oddball Cars"  in June 10 news letter.  Love the vehicles chosen but one is credited erroneously.  The article stated that Cadillac invented the self starter.  That is incorrect.  The self starter was patented by a group of men from Dayton, Ohio.  Charles Kettering was the groups' leader and has generally been credited with the invention.  General Motors became involved when the group sold not only the invention but their entire company, the Dayton Electric Company.  to GM.  At some point the name became DELCO and stood as a leader in American automotive parts manufacturing.  Kettering name is now on GM's Institute of Technology.  A very well known hospital in Kettering's home town and the city now carry his name.  

Hagerty Employee

Hi @Davidb, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I've updated the article so that it properly reflects the history of what you laid out above. Thanks for reading!