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1987 corvette

New Driver

I am looking for a supercharger/blower kit to mount on the engine it is a 5.7 liter v8 prefer gm but if not aftermarket will just to mount to existing engine. you can call me or text to 8105131382 my name is derek. note i also have a 1926 nash i need to know if you can get parts or know of a running engine and also tires 


Re: 1987 corvette

Community Manager

Hi there! I have never seen a supercharger kit from GM for the L-98 engine in your Corvette, but I have seen these two companies sell complete kits: 


Multiple options here, including intercooling:

Click within the Website to find the link:



Re: 1987 corvette

Advanced Driver

I'm not trying to talk you out of it, but rather would really like to know about what you are realistically wanting out of your L98. Even though by today's standards the numbers seem a little low, you can make some serious power without having to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Intake, heads, cam, will make HUGE power gains if you put together a a package that works together. 


Even though I am an old muscle car guy, I love the c4 platform. They are just a great machine by any era's standards in my opinion. A friend of mine, who was also a band member, had a '78 and a '90. After driving both, I could not believe the difference between the two. While the '78 handled well, I felt like I was on the edge under hard cornering and had to keep on top of it more. The '90 just felt so much more together, and a little more forgiving to driver input or lack of it. And the ride quality was beyond comparison. 


I would like to turn you on to a few alternatives to the supercharger as well. So here are the links:

That will help just don't go too big on the cam if you want to keep a little low end push. As far as the cylinder heads go, the L98s are not bad pieces. Again if you upgrade don't go with too large of a port. But stock, for a street engine they are pretty good pieces.


The real Achilles heal on a T.P.I. engine is that intake. It's a cork. You could open up the ports on the lower, and that will help, or you can send it out to more than a couple of places that will port the factory piece. Most of the aftermarket lowers or complete setups will only net you about a 20 cfm gain. So if you have to port it anyhow, stick with the factory piece. And if you DO go with the supercharger kits mentioned, the ported intake manifold will only help that setup to get more air into your engine. I would have that done regardless.


And of course, don't forget to retune the ecu to handle everything.


I also wouldn't wast my time with the so called mega exhaust kits that claim outrageous gains. If you want more out of your exhaust start with what is before the cats. Tuned headers will be more supportive of any gains you make in front of the engine whether you go supercharged or build a powerful naturally aspirated engine. Going with huge exhaust pipes like so many do is ridiculous when 2 1/4"-2 1/2" will be more than ample to support a small block. Also, a small amount of back pressure is beneficial to engine longevity so going to big with header pipes and exhaust pipes will do more harm than good unless that is what the combination requires.


Anyhow, happy hunting. And let us know which way you go, and how she runs when you get her done.


Re: 1987 corvette

Community Manager

I agree with all your points 100%!