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Hagerty Employee

ZZ Top’s Billy F. Gibbons preaches the gospel of cars and guitars

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of that little ol’ band from Texas, ZZ Top’s front man and guitarist has published a newly updated edition of Billy F Gibbons: Rock + Roll Gearhead, co-written by Tom Vickers, with photography by David Perry. Rock music and cars have been associated since the very beginning—Ike Turner’s Rocket 88 was first recorded in 1951—but few rockers have been more closely associated with hot cars than Gibbons and his bandmates. His Eliminator hot rod starred in three of the group’s music videos at a time when MTV was a growing cultural influence, making that red ’33 Ford coupe a pop-culture icon.


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Intermediate Driver

Not a straight answer in the whole piece, I wonder why a grown man talks that way? 

Intermediate Driver

Partly, he enjoys his “forever-young rockabilly hipster” image, and he has the chops to back up who he wants to be. Also, as a former newspaper journalist, I’d guess the initial interview was longer, and edited down to highlight his hip talk. HAW HOW HOW HOW!


quite probably because he can...

New Driver

Nothing "killer-diller" about this interview.

Pit Crew

Outstanding, who else collects Gitfiddle bluprints ??? Jim


The Rev is a character, an actor, playing a role he created not just to entertain folks, but to put a shield up between him and his fans. If you look at the sales of People Magazine and the National Enquirer, you can easily see how invasive the "press" and a bunch of rabid fans could be, making life pretty awful for someone of Mr. Gibbons' stature. Cut him some slack. I think it's a pretty clever act.


probably because he can...

Intermediate Driver

I love their music.  Drove the 120 miles to see them in OKC years and years ago.  They played for 45 minutes and left.  No encore, either.  For a young kid spending limited concert $'s, and because I like them so much, that was a huge disappointment.  I've always thought, since then, that they owe me about an hour on stage.  I made that trip in my '56 T-Bird and have owned lots of great 2 seaters since, so likewise, I'm a gearhead, too.  Billy, Billy, Billy.


hail, hail, rock’n roll!

Intermediate Driver

Once in a while something great comes along, and ZZ TOP is that special group that stands out.  With today's "crap" music (and I use the term "music" loosely)  ZZ TOP is a refreshing and entertaining ray of sunshine.  Rock on guys, you're doin' it right!


now this here is a collection i’d pay money to see...axes to axles;