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Hagerty Employee

Zipping through Willow Springs in Bugatti’s Baby II

The Little Car Company has teamed up with Bugatti to produce 500 copies of the Baby II, a three-quarter scale version of the iconic Type 35 racer. If you’re unfamiliar with the history of scale reproduction of Bugatti’s Type 35, just as I was, there’s a fitting reason why this is named the Baby II. A half-scale version of the Type 35 was built for Ettore Bugatti’s four-year-old son, Roland. The original one-off Bugatti Baby garnered so much attention it went into production from 1926–1937 as an official Bugatti vehicle. Five hundred were made.


Now, Bugatti and The Little Car Company are celebrating 110 years of the Bugatti brand with a ¾-scale version powered by an electric motor.


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Intermediate Driver

Just saw this "Baby" yesterday at Malibu Mart. James (an English man) and his family brought the "Baby" there.  Cute car but, I can't figure out where in the world can you drive (ride) this thing?  A big back yard? A deserted parking lot? In a parade?  Or on a public road if you have a death wish.