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Your neighborhood might be a better car show than you think

If you live in a suburb, perhaps your usual route to and from home follow the same prescribed paths. That leaves lots of streets and driveways unseen, unexplored, and ripe for car spotting. Read the full article on

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Unfortunately no picture, as this car was moving--right smartly--down US 35 near my house:  a black, XK120 Jaguar, top down, driver grinning as he tooled along "a few mph" over the 55 mph speed limit.  In very nice shape, but obviously not a Pebble Beach concours car. 


Can't remember the last time I saw a 120 that wasn't headed to or from a car show.  We gave each other thumbs-up ( I was driving my '91 BMW 318is) and proceeded on our separate ways.  Funny thing--I've never seen that Jag at a local car show, cruise in etc.  Wonder where it hides out.