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Hagerty Employee

Your handy Citroën 2CV (1948-90) buyer's guide | Hagerty Media

The Citroën 2CV-or Deux Chevaux-is one of those noteworthy designs that changed the automotive landscape, improving the lives of people around the world in the process. Designed to champion the needs of would-be motorists, the 2CV was engineered to be a hero for rural France, as it famously was able to transport "a basket of eggs across a ploughed field."
Pit Crew

I had the pleasure of driving one recently and it is indeed an odd duck. The biggest take-away is there are many ways to go about engineering a car and so many things about this car are unconventional. They all work and the car puts a smile on your face once you realize that. Even the bazaar shifter sticking out of the dash with a strange shift pattern became intuitive when you let go of your left brain.

Just LS swap it.

Here's your buyers' guide: Don't buy one to drive. Or, buy one, trailer it for people to admire/laugh your "horse" at shows only. If you do drive it, make sure your life insurance is up to date and you never ride in it with you wife/girlfriend or kids.

Would love to have one but that $23,000 for a base model would buy a lot of used modern car.
Pit Crew

Would some knowledgeable authority post pictures of every model 2CV with its name below it?
Pit Crew

Should Mercedes-Benz start studying its suspension and parts prices?
Intermediate Driver

Looking under this car, somebody has made a replacement chassis for it. I hope the pics of a solid rear axle on leaf springs were an editing error !
We have owned and driven a "Plum and Custard" Dolly for many years. Brilliant minimalism, easy to work on (front guards come off with three bolts) and fun to drive. Like the man said, rust is your real enemy!

I've always thought the 2CV's were charming. The TPV however, is a new definition for ugly. Hard to imagine motoring on 9hp. Great article!