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Your handy 2010-12 Lexus LFA buyer's guide | Hagerty Media

What are the odds you're in the market for a Lexus LFA? If we're honest, slim. Toyota's flagship offering enjoyed a 500-unit production run over a brief two years and lacks the prestige of its counterparts from Germany or Italy-but this carbon-fiber, V-10-powered monster is a treasure hiding in plain sight.

"...joined the race team in for the 2009 season."

Sorry Sajeev... A handy LFA Buyer’s Guide?? We’d first need your accompanying “Handy Lottery Winning, GUARANTEED”.

I recently parted ways with my beloved SC400, as it had developed a seemingly undiagnosable problem.
In its day it was the Japanese supercar, and cost well over $43K; (more than double that figure in today’s $$.)

OK, the LFA is certainly no production car. It is obviously something of a Custom/Hyper car; akin, and even above, an Aston-Martin.

Not that “the service department of a Lexus dealership” wouldn’t be the best source for service; it’s unlikely that most all of them have even seen one.
Choose wisely.

Oh well; thanks for yet another sheer-fantasy, unattainable-dream article.
When it’s official, you’ll all be invited to my wedding, to Jennifer Love Hewitt.
Community Manager

I guess the first two sentences didn't downplay the utility of an LFA Buyer's Guide enough for you? 😀