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Hagerty Employee

Your handy 1997-01 Acura Integra Type R buyer's guide

If you happened to graduate college around 1995 or so, the DC2 Acura Integra was practically issued to you when your college president handed you your BA in Travel and Tourism. The Acura Legend cemented Honda's luxury brand reputation here in the United States, but it was the third-generation Honda Integra that put generous American butts in seats.

How does Hondo go from selling that many of those cars and then just stopped making any of them?? It is baffling.

Just look at that interior. Honda had a simple but so useful and to me good looking setup back in the day in their cars. I miss that part of old Hondas. Just look at the speedo/tach on there. LIke some things I wish they would come back. The DC2 Integra when it first came out looked a bit weird to me with the "flashlight" headlights on it but it took a bit and I got used to it and even liked it. The Peak of '90's FWD performance and handling to many of us, now probably an expensive unobtanium to most of us.
Intermediate Driver

event eh gs-rs and LS are still fun nice performing cars - the challenged is finding one that hasnt been riced to death. I was lucky to find a 98 ls with 38k miles one owner- I love it !
Intermediate Driver

Love my 98 LS- would love a tye r but even the 140hp motor is comarable to the v6s of the era- easy to work on cheap parts and 33MPG hwy with auto and the engine loves to rev!