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Hagerty Employee

Your handy 1955-65 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider buyer's guide

You probably remember the first time you saw an Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider. Though Alfa Romeo only made about 14,300 examples of this quintessentially Italian sports roadster, they seem to be everywhere-on the screen, if not the streets.
New Driver

It is true that the Giulietta sedan did not sell well in the United States.  However, it was not due to poor interest in the car.  The first series sedan was NEVER approved for import.  We got maybe 30 new Giulietta berlinas in 1956.  Unlike the sprint and spider there were NOT US versions.  They were Euro versions with km speedo, Euro side lights and so on.  After only a few cars came over the importing was shut down.  We did not see new Alfa sedans again until the mid-sixties.  

New Driver

Superb article and video. I've had at least one Alfa in the family since 1970 starting with a '61 Giulietta Sprint. There are things I learned here that I never imagined especially those Veloce-only characteristics. Thank you for an informative and entertaining diversion to my day!

Red may be the default Italian sports car colour, but these look far better in white. Or just about any other colour except red, in my opinion.

What a complete bargain compared to an open top Porsche 356.

Very nice article. Thanks, Hagerty.
Advanced Driver

I was attending the University of Idaho in 1966 and one of the local dealers had a used Spider on the lot. White with a red interior, like the example shown. I managed to pretend that I could afford it and was able to take it for a couple of test drives. Loved it.

Media Marketing was driven:
by Ford vs Ferrari.
that's where the focus fell.
Too much hype

Alfa's history surpasses both