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Hagerty Employee

Young and strapped for cash? Hop on a prewar bike to cruise America-for free | Hagerty Media

Whatever your automotive or motorcycle interest, there is always someone who is just a little bit crazier than you. For most of us that person is the one who keeps us engaged in the hobby. Watching their projects and pursuits inspires us to embark upon our own mechanical shenanigans.

"...essay content"? I think you mean contest.
Intermediate Driver

Sounds like Sim's has a hit on his hands, as an old rider, 79, that Guzzi would be a fun ride in any event.
New Driver

Actually, the Cross Country Chase starts & finishes in Cape Girardeau, Missouri & winds it's way through the Ozarks for 1,350 miles over 5 days on motorcycles build from 1930 to 1960.
The Motorcycle Cannonball starts in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan & winds it's way to South Padre Island, Texas for around 3,500 miles over 18 days on motorcycles no newer than 1929.
I'll be riding my 1935 Harley VLD on the Chase as rider #5 & riding my 1925 Harley JDCB on the Cannonball as rider #105.
Many of us donated $$$ to Jason, Alex, & Chris to allow them to cover the costs for the 3 young riders to join us on the adventure of a lifetime.
Advanced Driver

Seems there will be an inevitable gap between the current group of collectors and their successors until the younger generation can gather the discretionary resources to own an old scooter. Enthusiasm is key to any hobby's survival. These folks know the time has come for bold action.