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Hagerty Employee

You've got to cover that thing-the right way

Ah. The car cover. On the one hand, covering a car is an act of pampering something that's precious to you. But it also can be a flag of abuse. I guess that requires some explanation.
Pit Crew

You need to sell some of those cars! I think you suffer from “Autodysphoria”. LOL. Sorry to say, but I do too!
Intermediate Driver

There's a late 80s Cutlass convertible essentially mummified in a home made cover of tarps and packing tape. Been that way for years. Poor car is going to be worthless for the next owner.

Then there's my 1960 Thunderbird. It's always garaged and covered, but the cover is a very nice custom cover made for my grandfather's 1937 Cord, not the Thunderbird. It covers the car, but doesn't fit particularly well. It's time I invested in a proper fitting cover.