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Hagerty Employee

You have to be a certain kind of crazy to tackle Motorcycle Cannonball

Museums are great. They really are. However, there is a subset of enthusiasts who feel that no matter the monetary value of an object it does no one any good to let it just sit and rot. There is no greater visual explanation of that type of person than Motorcycle Cannonball participants.

What a cool story. Hope to catch them in Texas..

The Moto Cannonball is the EXTREME division of The Iron Butt brigade. Those who prefer to work without a net.
Intermediate Driver

Here I go again. I have a very early project V-Twin De Dion-Bouton powered fore-car with a detachable Chater Lea Fore-Carriage. But I need some help with engine restoration. So far not single connection I have made has been able to help me get to a person that can re-cast a barrel and cylinder head. OR take the engine and restore it. My cylinder has been poorly repaired by nasty welds! May as well do it right if I am going to do it at all!
Intermediate Driver

Cracks in heads and "blocks" can often be adequately repaired by "stitching". Look at some you tube videos on it. You might be able to find a local expert. We have some up here in New England. Or try it yourself. You can buy the kits to do it. I'm not sure I would work on something that old (and delicate) without lots of practice. Good luck.
New Driver

I believe there is a club in England you may be able to contact and get some information at least.
Advanced Driver

This is a great article, Kyle! It points to the "affection" people have towards the past. There's the sense of not just preserving "old things", but of recognizing the inventors and manufacturers who spent endless hours and millions on perfecting their creations! When I drive my vintage vehicles, I am thinking about those people--whose names I don't know and probably can't know. They created something so lasting that it gives me the desire to conserve it. Thanks for keeping our focus on "roots", Kyle!

New Driver

A certain kind of crazy, to be sure, but also lots of money to prepare these bikes as they are.

I love those old bikes. Yep it takes a certain kind of crazy to do this.

What route might they be taking through Texas? I-35?