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You could be the acorn in a young car enthusiast’s story

A while ago, I fell into conversation with Roger Willbanks, a seasoned car collector and friend. I asked him how he first became interested in cars. It’s one of my go-to questions. Acorn stories—how big things grow from small things—have always interested me.


“Denver car show, 1940,” he quickly answered, a grin crossing his face. He was a boy back then, he explained, when dealerships often put on the Ritz for new-car unveilings. At this particular event, Willbanks said, his big brother lifted him up on his shoulders for a better look at the Chrysler Thunderbolt concept car, which, to his eyes, seemed like a rocket ship on wheels, a car completely different from other cars of the time. Right then and there, he decided he would someday own that car.


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Great topic. I'm with lemansboy70 who invited youngsters to sit in the car. My wife and I do the same. We have learned that with a little supervision no harm will come of it. We believe that for the love of the hobby to continue we must encourage others. I only wish they lived closer so I could teach them how to handle some tools and understand there is more to it than just driving and showing. If we can remember when we caught the bug so will they. It is good to think that years from now somebody will remember the old man and lady that let them do more than just look.

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