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Hagerty Employee

You can buy Colin Chapman’s personal Lotus Esprit Turbo

That crisp wedge styling, the sparkling performance, the F1 pedigree, the Bond-car status. It all leaves us wondering why Lotus Esprits aren’t worth more, especially as prices for similar German and Italian cars took off long ago. All but the cleanest, collector-grade Esprits are attainable exotics, and cars needing some TLC can be downright cheap.


Forget all that, though. S/n 0970 is probably the most desirable example to pop up in recent memory. Lotus founder Colin Chapman used this very special early Turbo model as his personal car from 1981 until his untimely death at the end of 1982, and it’s currently offered for sale by> Mark Donaldson, Ltd. in Surrey, England. This Esprit is loaded with desirable features and remarkably well-kept—it’s hard not to want.


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