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Hagerty Employee

Ye shall know us by our hats: Driving for Mecum on TV

Mecum Auctions, based in Walworth, Wisconsin, has long been known as sort of the blue-collar auction house, where the auctioneers still sound like they're speaking in tongues; where the auction block is long and as brightly-lit as Las Vegas; where a Ford F-150 pickup may be followed by a Ferrari; where the auction begins each day with a live rendition of the Star Spangled Banner, and where the Green Hats end their morning meeting with a prayer.
Intermediate Driver

Nice job in the Viper. The Viper Owners Association (Hagerty Partner) members were watching intently and appreciate your care and competence. We were surprised at the hammer price too.

Always wondered how that worked. And admired the drivers ability to go from car to car because of the vast differences in them.