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Hagerty Employee

Wrenchin’ Wendesday: hang time with air-tools

Air-tools are a god-send for mechanics, offering an endless supply of force in the form of compressed air that allows for these high-powered tools to operate all day without needing to charge up (unless, that is, your air compressor asthmatically can’t keep up with them), and a variety of tools operate off the same universal air fitting — which we’ll exploit for today’s Wrenchin’ Wednesday ...


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Advanced Driver

Speaking about air tools, I hardly use mine anymore. Although there is no substitute for an air hammer, with the development of lithium batteries, I use my Milwaukee 1/4", 3/8" battery powered ratchets and 1/2" impact almost exclusively vs my air wrenches. I used to use my IR 1/2" when the Milwaukee just didn't have it but my new 2767 Milwaukee eliminated that need. I'm sure the De Walt tools are just as good.

Pit Crew

Air tools were standard 5-10 years ago, but like Tim said, Lithium is advancing so well that cordless is a way to go. So much more convenient and efficient to work on. A good 3/8's lithium powered ratchet is a good cordless tool for many common jobs.   

Pit Crew

Air tools are still super common in pro shops, are still vastly more affordable than electric, and will never need to charge. I have a shop with a compressor taller than I am, it's getting good use. 🙂 


Don't forget to oil your air tools before you use them. Squeeze the trigger as you deposit a FEW drops of oil in the air fitting (where the quick-disconnect attaches) and after you have hooked the air hose up, hold a shop towel over the exhaust port and run the tool at low to medium speed until the oil mist dissipates.