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Hagerty Employee

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: zip-tie origami organizes your sparkplug wires

How well organized are your spark plug wires? If your wires are bundled around the distributor like a flying spaghetti monster, drooping its tendrils dangerously close the exhaust, there's a quick and cheap zip-tie hack to lay them out cleanly.


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Pit Crew

I learned this trick years ago myself - it seems to be more common in the off-road racing community than anywhere else.  You left out another part though - to take the OCD to another level, you need to use T&B (Thomas & Betts) ty-raps!  They're the best looking and strongest zip ties out there.


This is a great tip. Something else to remember, when organizing plug wires on Ford small blocks with the 1-5-6-2-6-3-7-8 and FE blocks is not to run #7 and #8 wires together. Keep them at opposite ends of your looms. Ford did this because apparently some engines could develop a slight misfire or maybe #8 would fire prematurely due to a magnetic field formed between these 2 wires. I don't know how often it happened or even if it was even a real issue but Ford separated them from the factory. I don't remember if other Ford V8s had that problem and improved plug wires could have solved the issue.  And also, if you're competing for concours awards,  this could take points away. 

Intermediate Driver

What part of this trick is the "origami?"


If you will heat the ends where cut with a small lighter (flick you bic) it will round the edges so you do not cut your self, and if cut close will keep the ends from pulling back through latch


Very cool idea, but flush cutters are an absolute necessity whenever using tie wraps, after the 1st hand slice sticking my hand into someone else’s work you’ll agree completely