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Hagerty Employee

Wrenchin’ Wednesday: Valve core removal tool

Valve stem core removal tools, also known as Schrader valve tools, are essentially special screwdrivers for removing the check valve that seals up the valve stem. They reach around the top of the valve, which locates into a slot in the tool. This gives you the interface for the tool to spin the valve core in and out, but with tight clearances between the stem and valve core, it’s difficult to spin one with just a normal screw driver. Though possible, doing so can sometimes result in damaging the valve stem beyond use.


There are few problems a cut-off wheel can’t solve, and today’s Wrenchin’ Wednesday subject is one of them.


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This project may be the equivalent of playing Solitaire... it occupies time.

Almost any Bicycle or Auto-parts store will already have this tool, and cheap.

I myself had a brass valve-cap that had this feature on its out-facing end.